Tuesday, November 14, 2006

These 2 sweet faces of Brylee and Bailey, along with their mother, were the last family I hugged as I stepped on to the plane. It was a very hard goodbye to say. I had just spent 2 perfect days with Sam and Emille and these 2 little girls who had stolen my heart! They are holding Thumper and Bambi which I had purchased for them earlier in the day. Wonder if they still remember that? :) I am posting these pictures today, because Emille and the girls are arriving in Fort Worth today to spend some time with Randy, Tori, and Timo before they begin their return on Thursday to Benin. I look so forward to every minute I can get with this dear family. I know my family is so excited to meet them at the airport today! Hopefully, we will be seeing pictures soon of their time together!
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Brooks Inc. said...

I loved reading every word of this and staring at every picture...Each of them so precious!

You are the best aunt! You have nieces and nephews around the world who long to spend time with "Aunt Kelly or Aunt Pelly" (for those who are stil working on all their pronunciations)

I love you so! Thanks for taking the time to post these!


Kendra said...

Ah . .. the rest of the story! I had wondered how the end of that one would go -nice touch keeping us in "suspence!" Only a couple of more days and everyone will be back together!! I sure am getting excited for you all!!!! Nana and Papa arrived here tonight and are excited to see your kiddos and spouse here before they send them back your way! love you -