Saturday, November 11, 2006

God was with us this morning

God was with us this morning!

This morning, around 2AM Texas time, (just in case any of you awoke suddenly with an urgent thought to pray for us) it was around 9AM here in Benin.

Jonathan, Lael and I were playing as we usually do when all of the sudden a large scorpion literally dropped on to the floor within inches of where we were. I just happened to see the whole bizarre thing happen. I looked up at the same time it was falling, and at the same time discovered a hole in the wall. I immediately grabbed Lael who was the closest and Jonathan as he was running towards it. To their dismay I ran down the hall and placed them both in a pack n play while I was crying out to the Lord to leave that scorpion in the same place so I could get back in there and kill it. It scared me to death!!! The kids were screaming. I grabbed a shoe and was praying for courage. I went back in there and the scorpion was there in a strike position…so was I! I killed him with the first hit and then I just sat down and cried.

I cannot quit saying Thank you Lord!! Thank you for letting me be there, see where it came from and be able to kill it so quickly. Thank you for your protection and for the way you give that intuitive sense that something is about to happen and I need to be alert.

As soon as Sossa got here this morning, I told him that God had been with us this morning and I showed him the scorpion and where it had come from. He was amazed. We have not had scorpions inside our house since the early years. It is also rare to see these kinds of scorpions during the day. They usually come out at night. At this moment Sossa is preparing some cement to seal the place where the scorpion entered the house. I still feel shaken but am just so thankful for the way everything took place.

Thank you for your prayers for us. God hears them and they make a difference!


laura bull said...

So many say that it is the motherly instinct... I think it is the prompting of our God to know and feel things that are about to happen! I praise Him for speaking to your heart this morning. I thought our scorpions in my kitchen cabinet were bad... but they were only about two inches long... that one at your place sounds like it was a whopper. I can only imagine how shaken you were... number one that it was in your house... and number two that you were there to take care of it alone. But you weren't really alone were you :) Thank God for always being present! Our prayers of protection over you and your little ones are with you! God bless you!

Judy & Ronnie Vaughn said...

Kelly, I am just reading blogs this morning. Bless your heart. Why do mice and scorpions come out when you are there alone? We have been praying fervently for you, Jonathan, and Lael while you are there alone and it is wonderful to know God has wrapped His loving arms around you. Praise Him!

We are driving to Ft. Worth for some last minute hugs and eventho it has been blissful to have you here, we are looking forward to hearing your family is reunited. Then the countdown will begin as to when you will be here permanently!

So much love,