Thursday, November 16, 2006

Our Reunion is Close!

Precious Lael...Doesn't she have the most beautiful face? I can just pass time staring at this kid. I think he is so cute!
Well, I have received the call! Randy, Tori and Timothy, are on their way! I have had tears in my eyes the past 24 hours thinking about them, first about all the packing and last minute trips to get this and that, and then about the goodbyes they are saying today, the emotions that I know our siblings, parents, grandparents, friends, and cousins are feeling, and I have been thinking about our reunion. I can’t wait to see their faces, hear their voices, and be able to hug them so tight!

I actually pulled out all of our Christmas things today. Tori asked me to save most of it so that we could decorate together and I am thrilled about that. However, I thought our home could use a few welcoming changes so the kids will know immediately that we are into the season here as well!! I lit a Candy Cane candle…ummm it smells so good…just like a candy cane! I put on some of my favorite CDs, decorated and even made some cookies to take this weekend for our reunion!

This has been an amazing 2 months, such diverse, exciting, refreshing and renewing experiences for our family.

Interestingly, the last 3 and ½ weeks have flown by! In this time I have enjoyed much quality time with Jonathan and Lael, Read 8 books, Completed a 30 hour Equipping Course for Women’s Ministry, Memorized 3 different Praise Baby DVDs, watched my Amy Grant Live DVD multiple times, spent time daily reading the blogs of friends and family, and I am thoroughly enjoying the Passion 05 Worship CD…it is so good!!! In some ways I feel like I have had my own spiritual retreat! I have also had the blessing of talking to my husband almost every day. That has made such a tremendous difference in not feeling so alone here. I have also received numerous other encouraging phone calls from my family and even 2 very special friends!

Harmatan arrived early this year. This is where the northern wind blows dust down from the Sahara, marking the beginning of the dry season. Normally, it arrives mid to end of December. This year it is a month early. Everything here is the color brown. When you breathe, you inhale dirt and sometimes can even taste it. Regardless of how many times you wipe off your table or your shelf, there continues to be a fine mist of dust there where you could easily write your name!

For most of the 3 weeks the power has been off for some length of time during the day and often times at night. There is no routine to the schedule of when it is on or off. I have been so thankful for a well working generator! We have not had to suffer too much. It has been a little more difficult this week since the water has been cut off as well. This is the conservation method for the Water and Electric Company. There is never enough water in this season for Benin and neighboring Togo, and apparently we share the same source for water. This has become a more frequent reality for this time of year. We have plenty of water in storage but it makes laundry more difficult as well as morning showers or spontaneous baths for dirty kids!

I received a phone call from our lawyer, for Lael’s adoption this evening. He said that I am to meet him at the court in Lokossa at 8AM tomorrow. I knew that he was going to be meeting with the Judge this week regarding our case but he had said my presence was not necessary. Tonight he has determined that it is best for me to be there. Laurance is coming very early tomorrow to stay with the kids so that I can be there on time. Please pray that I will be able to speak clearly in French and be able to understand easily all that transpires while I am there. Randy and I do very well in these situations when we are together listening, comprehending and responding. I am feeling a little nervous doing this alone. Please pray that the Judge will show favor and compassion towards Lael and her being placed with our family, and that her adoption can come to a speedy resolution.

I will post when I return from the court and let you know what transpires.

I cannot say enough how thankful we are for your encouragement, prayers, love, and attention given so generously to our family. We are blessed beyond measure.

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Brooks Inc. said...

SO thankful your time has gone thankful it is nearing the end...I cried this monrnign when I pulled up at mom and dads and saw the truck loaded to the brim with bags...9 years of doing this...And now we have done it for the last time.

I love you so much-


laura bull said...

you will be in my constant prayers tomorrow as you go to court, that God will loose your tongue and ready your ears, that he will amaze you at how he will make your heart and mind able to absorb all that will happen even though not in your native tongue. i have to tell you i am a little jealous that you guys have said your goodbyes for the last time until you all are home for good. as we have just started the years of goodbyes. i know that God is faithful and i know that he has lead us here, there is no doubt in my heart or mind regarding that, it's just so hard to be without family, especially as you have children, and others are getting to watch them grow and getting to know them more than their own family. but i have to remember these are also people who could be sitting at the feet of our savior one day in heaven because of the work that God is doing here... so hard to be torn between the holiness of our God and his work, and the humaness of my flesh, wanting to be home where life is easier, and closer to those we love. sorry to ramble. God bless you! Am SO excited for your family to be reunited again!

vicki said...

Lael and Jonathan are so precious in the photos..I know they must be so excited anticipating the upcoming reunion. May God be with you and the judge and lawyers as monumental decisions about Lael's future are decided. I pray that the Lord will rain blessings on the process. I eagerly anticipate the report on the lawyer meeting and the family reunion! Love, Aunt V