Sunday, November 12, 2006

We have this same scene cherished in photos with all of our children and Sossa. He came to work for us the first week that we moved into this home. We have been so blessed to share our lives with him. He is so loved by our kids, evidenced by the fact that the first word that each child has learned to say has been "Sossa". Even Lael can say his name. He has such a gentle nature. Amazingly, he has such a calming effect on our children!! Jonathan will sit in no one's lap but Sossa's. There have actually been times I have gone outside and after having played for a long time, Jonathan will be asleep in Sossa's arms. Randy and I have often wondered how he does that!

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Brooks Inc. said...

We love Sossa! What handsome pictures of Jonathan! We have a had a great Harvest Sunday...about to leave for the church now to go partcipate in our 3rd parade of flags. Payton and Tim-o have loved every moment of their flag carrying duties...Tim-o's highlight though was the Bob the Builder hat he found in one of the church trash can's- Payton was extremely jealous that Tim-o made it to the trash can first...:)

Love you-

Judy & Ronnie Vaughn said...

Jonathan is so handsome!! Sossa is such a treasure you guys found. I know he will be like this with Andre, as well. Sossa has learned how to parent from you guys. Blessings all the way around.

Glad to get the first report on Harvest Sunday, Becky. Would loved to have seen the flags being carried by Timothy and Payton. Wow, what memories Timothy is going back with! I am wondering ,too, why anyone threw a Bob the Builder hat away! I searched for one for Timothy to wear while he was here and never found one!

Thanks for these amazing pictures, Kelly.

Love you,