Friday, February 09, 2007

Adoption Update! /Computer problems!

Great News! Randy and Kelly heard from their lawyer today and he was able to get an audience with the President of the Court. The Lawyer was able to present the Vaughn's case and the President said to come back on this coming Tuesday when he will give the lawyer the date he will be able to make everything official. This is wonderful we are hoping that this means the Benin proceedings will be complete within the month of February. Randy and Kelly are absolutely elated!

However, in the midst of all the excitement they realized their computer is dead. As you can imagine, in a world where email and blogs are one of their only sources of communication, they are very discouraged by this sudden demise in their computer.

Please feel free to leave a comment of encouragement to R and K (they will be able to check comments at an internet cafe), a comment of praise to the God who is walking this adoption through the courts, a comment of joy that what the Lord sealed in heaven the day Lael was placed in Randy and Kelly's arms is now being sealed here on earth on paper! What a great God we serve!

So much love to you for supporting my sister and her family!-
Becky Brooks


Greg Bailey said...

Hey Randy and Kelly,

Great news about the adoption! The Lord has entrusted Lael to His children and He will see it through!

Did you get my e-mail about my dates? I arrive on the 9th and depart on the 18th.

Let me know if we need to communicate in another way.

Love to all,

Donny said...

That's incredible news!! It's so close and I'm soooooo excited.

So sorry to hear about your computer though. We'll be praying about what God will do with that situation.

Love you all !!! -donny

Tracey Ries said...

Hi Randy & Kelly, I've been thinking about you a lot lately with the water shortage and electricity problems! And now the computer!!! How frustrating! I am happy to hear though about sweet Lael's adoption process. God is so good! I love you! See you in Kenya soon, Kelly! Love, Tracey

Greg Bailey said...


If you are out there, please let me know how to contact R&K (I have their phone numbers, but although that is a sweet way to communicate, it is also expensive). Aren't you going over there pretty soon? Will you be taking them another computer or what are their plans for repairing theirs?


How did you get the cool "who's visited" feature on your blog?

Blessings to all,

Murray & Jaime said...

Celebrating the good news with you guys!! Will continue to pray for the process to reach completion SOON!!

Love the pics from the beach. What a beautiful family!!

Ron and Marilyn said...

Keeping you both in prayer for the next few days and esp on Tuesday!! That all will be accomplished very very soon!

We love you,

marilyn and ron

CommentRV said...

Hello dear ones, it was wonderful to talk to Kelly yesterday and get the news from her about Tuesday and Lael's adoption progress. What a precious picture of Kelly and Lael. We will be in constant prayer about that as we always are. I agree with Greg. Our Lord has entrusted Lael with you and He will see you through this.
Ugg! The computer problems! I will be praying about that as to have communication. Thankfully there is a person willing to get the computer back here. That was a Godsend. Randy, I tried all of your numbers for quite awhile yesterday and never got back through. I will try today.This is such amazing news about a final hearing date coming up! Please remember you are in all of our prayers and we can't wait for little Lael to be a Vaughn!

Greg, do you know about OhHello? It is a much cheaper way to call R/K. Let me or Donny know if you want that information...better let Donny know for he hooked me up!

Becky, you and Payton have a grand time and I hope the water is on!! Safe travel.

Love to each of you,