Monday, February 26, 2007

Women Together in Great Joy!

On Saturday, over 40 women from various Churches of Christ and Christian Church congregations celebrated their fellowship together! Because of Becky's visit, we organized at the last minute a meeting at our house so that these women could come a greet Kelly's sister and have a good reason to praise the Lord together! Becky shared a powerful word from the Lord, challenging these women to meet regularly for prayer and as well, to assemble ALL the women together sometime this year for a celebration of worship! The women pictured are representatives of 7 of the congregations among the Aja people and from over half of the Christian Churches (in another people group). Later on this year, they will gather ALL the women together for a great time of praise and fellowship.

Kelly translated into French, and then we had one woman translate into the Aja language and yet another lady translate into the Fon language. It was quite the linguistic event! When it was all over, the ladies were given Cokes and cookies...eagerly served by the 3 best little helpers, Tori, Timothy and Payton!

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Murray & Jaime said...

I wish I could've been there to hear that!! Becky, you have a gift of teaching and I feel blessed to have been able to hear you speak so powerfully several times at our church's ladies retreats. I hope the interpreters didn't interupt you like ours did (I know I need to let that go...but it still bothers me!!) Love you, dear friend!! I've been enjoying keeping up on your time in Benin with your dear sister and the rest of the Vaughn crew!! Give Payton a big hug from us!!