Sunday, February 11, 2007

Regain and maintain a calm sense of sanity!

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I am continually impressed with my husband. As mentioned in Saturday's post, our computer completely shut down Friday afternoon. This was discouraging to say the least. We have another old computer that runs very slow and that from time to time we have been able to use as a back up. Friday evening we got it out to try. It would not work either. It would turn on but we could not get it to boot up. Randy spent most of the day yesterday working dilligently to get this old computer working. Installing, Uninstalling, Downloading this and that....and the result is that we are back online communicating!!! He is brilliant! Have I mentioned how proud I am of my husband?

As well Randy spent yesterday morning trying to find missionaries who might have some visitors in the country this week who could take our laptop back to the States for repair. He called the Baptist Guesthouse to see if he could get a phone number from a call sheet they have posted there....thought maybe someone was staying there who could pass on a few missionary phone numbers. He didn't recognize the voice on the other end...turns out it is a volunteer missionary in the country until next week. He has graciously agreed to carry back our laptop to the States (he leaves on the same night Becky arrives)! Praise the Lord! We were exploring DHL in Cotonou (yes there is an office), but a simple one page letter costs over $100, so we were frightened at the cost of mailing a laptop! We'll arrange the details later, but we're hoping we can get it repaired and back to us before I leave for the ComeBeforeWinter retreat in Kenya March 11th.

Thanks for all your encouraging prayers and thoughts about the adoption. We are experiencing a peace that surpasses all understanding...really. His peace is guarding our heart. Normally, both of us would have pulled our hair out by now...but at each step, we feel the Lord's presence. We do pray that by early next week, we'll be able to announce to you the date of our adoption hearing.

Randy and I are people people!
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If you have been following our blog for the past months, you are aware we have been facing continual challenges as we near the end of our time in Benin. Sometimes the stress can feel overwhelming! Friday when the computer went down, a quote ran through my head that I had heard last fall...."Regain and maintain a calm sense of sanity!" I told Randy we should write that out and post it up several different places in the house! The Lord is faithful. We get discouraged but we still have our sense of humor. That is a very good sign!

One week from today Becky and Payton arrive!
Fun and Memory making moments are on the way!!!


laura said...

Now that is a priceless photo! You guys continue to be in our prayers! God bless!

vicki said...

such good news! Randy, you are in deed brilliant. This is a comment You may not ever read...I have posted several that don't seem to make it across the ocean! That is a precious picture of mother and daughter, such joy in those smiles. You remain in my prayers. Love to all, Aunt VG

Donny said...

Love you guys - we will be praying for your stress levels to be low and your joy be at the highest ever!!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Thanks everyone for your comments (Yes, Vicki, I got your comment this time....) Your words of encouragement and prayers are so important to us!!