Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Times!

CHECK FOR NEW POST BELOW THIS ONE....for some reason, Blogger is not posting our 2/21 post on the right date...check it out below for our journey to see the HIPPOS !


Kendra said...

Oh, the cousin fun that is going on, and the sister bonding time, too!!! Yea! Soak it up, and have a blast!! Colby will LOVE his "b-card" - I'll make sure and show him when he gets up from naptime. Big thank you to sweet Tori for making that for him!!

Beth P said...

Kelly & Beck!
I can hardly stand the excitement that I know you are experiencing! What a joy to know that Becky is meeting family and creating memories for the first time and that Payton, Tori, & Timo are joined at the hip for the next week! Kelly, I know your heart is full...let it bust!
I love you girls (& you too, Randy!)

shell said...

Ditto what Beth said! I am so happy for you guys. And it just makes me grin every time someone else gets to meet Lael. I can't wait till it's our turn!! Have lots of fun! Don't worry about sleep, you can do that next week.

Love ya!!!

Murray & Jaime said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics!! The ones of the kids sleeping are TOO PRECIOUS!! Becky you look SO BEAUTIFUL in the pics (along with everyone else...the glow is radiating!!) So happy for you and Kelly and the rest of the Vaughn crew to have this VERY SPECIAL time together! My heart is bursting with joy for you!!

I LOVE that you finally are holding the niece you've loved for 19 months!! What a sweet pair you two are!


Shelly said...

It is so sweet to see you all together! It has filled my heart with joy to look at these pictures! I can't imagine how your parents feel when they look at them!!! Praying multitudes of blessings over you guys this week as you enjoy this "little slice of heaven."