Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentines!
Yesterday Tori and Timothy made Valentines after school and decorated our school room for today's class party. We invited parents and siblings to our special party.
Tori said, "Now when all the kids get here we will sit them down in a circle and pass out their Valentines!" I said, "Tori, you do remember who your siblings are don't you?"

After lunch we invited everyone in and even Daddy was able to come in for a little while! We did our best to sit everyone down, occupy them with a piece of Valentine cake (made and brought to school by Timo) and Tori stood in the center of the classroom reading the Valentines and passing them out! A fun time was had by all. We soon had to dismiss Jonathan and Lael because they were beginning to have a negative impact on our classroom. Smile Smile!! They continued their fun times outside the classroom!
Amazingly the fun family picture on top was taken with our self-timer and it is the first picture we have ever had that everyone is smiling!!!
If you want to see how much the family has changed in a year, check out last year's Valentine's Day post!

I wrote this and Tori read it to our family at the party!



Greg Bailey said...

GREAT picture!! I love your smiling faces!

This morning as we were celebrating Valentine's Day, I told the girls that I didn't think anyone in Brownwood was having as good a celebration as we were. I know that you were a long way from Brownwood, but it looks like your celebration MIGHT have come close to ours. In fact your love for each other and closeness MIGHT come close to ours as well. What a blessing to have Godly friends who share the same passion for God and for their family that we do! Bless you all!

Kendra said...

Echo Greg - GREAT picture!! Wow!! Happy Valentine's Day to you guys, too! love you all so much!

Murray & Jaime said...

LOVE the family pic...and your "family loves" too.

Praying the paperwork gets through and the date will be set this Friday!!

vicki said...

the family portrait is the best!! and the composite is so cute of everyone, too. I notice Tori has a band-aid...did she get wounded by a random cowboy or cowgirl? Looks like she is recovering beautifully.

Randy, I truly love your neocounter feature. that is incredible how wide -ranging your influence is. I do miss the clock that says what time it is in Benin. I know I can just do, "plus 6" when I look at my own clock, but still...

Have a wonderful time with B and PB! I can't figure out who is the most excited, but it should be a great day at the airport! Love and hugs to all, Aunt VG