Monday, February 26, 2007

Waiting . . . on God's Sovereign and Perfect Time . . . Waiting


Yes, yet another day has passed and we still have no date for our adoption hearing. We continue to marvel at this "waiting game"...marveling at my impatience, and yet struck at the marvel that indeed the date is already set in heaven! But when do we get to hear?! Essentially, OUR need to hear is so that we can make other plans. Isn't the Lord a planner, too?! Doesn't He sense our need to know this date, so we can make plans for more dates down the line? It's absolutely crazy! For a split second, each time our attorney says, "maybe tomorrow", I get this rush of frustration and anger, and honestly I feel like punching my fist onto the table and screaming. Yet so quickly the Lord's reminder sweeps in with His great peace...a peaceful nudging to recall His faithfulness and that, in reality, HE was the one who set this whole adoption into our laps in the first place...He has the plan and He is in control. And we wouldn't have it any other way!!

A dear friend of our family loves to say, "God is seldom early and never late." (did I get that right?) I thought I was a pretty patient person before all of this...maybe God is us for something in the future. Or perhaps in the mystery of God's mighty plans, His untraceable, creative ways are just simply higher than our ways. The latter brings alot of hope and just requires faith! ha

Continue to pray with us that we will soon hear the date for our court hearing finalizing Lael's adoption here in Benin. Our attorney did say that in the petition, he requested a court date for March 9th...a perfect date as far as our calendar is concerned. He thinks we should be able to get that date...pray it is so!

Once the adoption is finalized in Benin, we have a host of other steps that involve US immigration and administrative details regarding Lael's Benin birth certificate, her Benin passport, etc.....

Kelly leaves on March 11-26 for a women's retreat in Kenya...we are praying with eagerness for the adoption hearing to be on the 9th so that she can be in attendance and not miss the Come Before Winter retreat.

We have some great guests coming our way over the next month...Mark Berryman (6-9), Greg Bailey (11-18) and my parents (18-26)! We love visitors, especially when they are people we love so much!

Persevere in prayer with us please.....
-Randy & Kelly

** Kelly, Tori, Timo, Becky and Payton all left today to spend a couple of days at the beach prior to their flight on Wednesday. I get to spend some Daddy time focusing on fun wrestling matches with Jonathan, sweet snuggle times with Lael and some serious obedience training for both!

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Kendra said...

Waiting is so hard. We are still praying and know that the Lord's timing is the best timing . . it's just hard to wait. Your pictures are all so very sweet. Hope you guys have some fun Daddy time while everyone plays at the beach . .we look forward to seeing Becky and Payton on this end to hear some stories! love you all . .