Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fun Family Time

We are back from 2 perfect days at the beach! We were in great need of some family play and rest time...and some consistant power and water and a chance to eat some meals already prepared!!! We were not disappointed! This was our first trip without pack and plays...in our room we had 4 pallets on the floor and the kids loved it!! Jonathan and Lael even stayed on their own pallets...most of the time! Tori and Timo loved catching sand crabs and lots of pool time. Randy and I took turns taking naps!! And we had lots of fun play time together as a family!

Back at home we have returned to no water and we are again running the generator! Glad we have returned refreshed!

We are praying tomorrow we will hear a good report from our lawyer about our upcoming hearing for the finalization of Lael's adoption! Stay tuned!


Kendra said...

Oh my goodness, those are some beautiful pictures of your kiddos!! Wow! So glad you guys had some refreshing family time. Sure have been thinking of you and praying for you lately . . love you

vicki said...

The pictures are so good...everyone happy and enjoying the beach and one another. What a blessing that you could make that trip happen. We join you in prayer for good words about Lael's adoption. Love you each and every one! Aunt VG

Donny said...

Great photos of the whole family. Seeing those pics at the beach bring back some good memories from when Kendra and I were there. Keep us posted on the hearing - we are anxiously awaiting some blessings of good... GREAT news!!