Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to our February 25th birthdays!!! My dad, my niece and my sister-in-law all share the exact same birthday! Tori was sure proud of all 3 of was alot of work to do 3 b-cards!

PAPA: I think you can read most of yours, except the "I love you Papa" in blue on the right side. Thought she did pretty good drawing some of her favorite things about Papa!
LAURA: Of course Tori loves horses, so when I told her that Coronado's mascot is the mustang, she knew exactly what she'd draw for you! Hope your birthday was great!
TONI: Now this "double-T" thing is pretty complex, but I think she did a pretty job, huh?!

We took some fun pictures of the girls this morning....both are so pretty! I'm so proud to be their Daddy!

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CommentRV said...

Tori, you are such a beautiful girl with a big talent for drawing!!! Thank you for my birthday card. The turtles are still hiding from the cold weather, Benji is fine...doing the same Benji things like digging holes and the ice cream sounds wonderful! Maybe we can get some in Cotonou again when we get there. I had a good birthday and spent some great time with Laura, Hailey and Garyn. You are always mentioned when we get together. We all miss you so much. I missed a phone call from Tyler and Colby (Brady isn't calling yet.)but they left me a message that made me smile really big. Nana and I love the pictures we see of you, Timo, Jonathan and Lael. We are ready for some hugs! Thank you again for the great card. You did so good on all of them...the horse is amazing. I can not draw a horse that good at all!

Hey, Tori, this is Nana. Those cards are super! You are an incredible artist! I also love the pictures of you, Timo, Jonathan and Lael. I KNOW you have had fun with Payton and made some fun memories. It won't be long now until we come to see you. YEA!

We love you very much!

Papa and Nana