Saturday, March 17, 2007

Daddy Boot Camp 2007 - Day 5

Daddy Boot Camp gets crazier and crazier each day! Today was Tori and Timo's favorite!! Today was BOUNCE HOUSE!! We dragged in most every mattress into our bedroom, cranked up the AC, and let the kids jump and bounce all over the bed and then onto the mattresses on the floor. Alot of fun, but absolutely crazy! Actually to make myself feel better, I waited until J&L were down for their naps in the other room (oops, sorry kids, you get a pallette on the tile floor 'cause we had to use your mattresses). T&T are at the age where I tell them later on NOT to jump on the bed (when we are not in DBC mode!!), then they will likely obey. J&L couldn't understand the difference, so I thought it was best not to give them a new activity to do. Plus, I figured having 4 kids jumping around on the bed together would end up with someone hurt (it almost did with 2!) So make all the comments you want...guess I'm opening myself to all kinds of "parenting tips" !! But it sure was fun!

I've loved sharing this week with a good friend and missionary colleague, Greg Bailey. He and I have gotten little sleep but we have had great conversations, late into the night! Greg once worked among the Aja for 5 years and so shares the same vision for their growth and maturation!

Tomorrow, after worship, we take Greg to the airport so he can return to his family in Texas. But just before he departs, my parents arrive for a week-long visit!! We're all so excited about Nana & Papa coming!! They will be here until the day that Kelly returns from Kenya. God is good!

Speaking of my wife, I have spoken with her several times on her cell phone and it's been so good to hear how much she is enjoying her trip. The Come Before Winter renewal starts on Monday...she is excited!!

Here's a photo of our St. Patrick's Day waffles and green eggs!

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Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I LOVE MY FAMILY and I love knowing that you are having crazy fun together! What a blessing to my heart. I love being able to hear your voices on the phone and I am so thankful that Mr. Greg has been there this week! More blessings are on the way at this very momment with Nana and Papa arriving tonight!
God is so good!
Love you all so much,


Monica said...

OK Randy, love the Vaughn creative bounce house. That is really very funny. Good call on the younger two. You and your brother crack me up with your creative kid friendly activities. Hope your mom and dad make it in safely. Tyler was very excited Nana and Papa were going to Africa to see Timo and Tori!!