Monday, March 19, 2007

Papa & Nana arrived last night and it has been great to be with them! When we arrived at the Guesthouse in the capital city, the water was shut bucket baths for the weary travelers. They were troopers and did so without complaining. The power had gone out in town while we were waiting for them to claim their bags, but fortunately electricity returned after about an hour. It's a very hot time of year...not fun if the power is off! There is no generator at the Guesthouse so I'm thankful that we eventually had our fans and AC!

They were permitted to sleep in only until 9a, but I suspect they were awakened long before that with the sound of 4 kids. All 4 kids have loved their time with Nana & Papa. Special memories! It's such a blessing that all of our children's grandparents have visited Benin...and on multiple occasions. I am thankful to know that our kids can one day talk to them about their life in Africa and any one of our parents will be able to discuss with them tangible details about life in Africa (and the people we shared it with!)

We drove the 3 hour journey home hot and tired...but then a nice rain shower greeted us just outside of the town where we live. That has "cooled" it off a little bit tonight. We were greeted by some of our African friends...including a homecooked American meal! We got all the tired kiddos to bed and then we unpacked all the goodies (Tori did stay up a little later than the others for this always-fun aspect of visitors!) Thanks to EVERYONE who sent some of the very fun stuff.

Tomorrow is our scheduled day in court to hear the judge's ruling/pronouncement of Lael's adoption. I do pray it is to be! We are weary of delays and yet know all is in God's timing. We'll let you know tomorrow on whether or not it took place and how. We'll start pretty early in the morning, so pray before noddin' off! (unless you are in another time zone east of GMT+1...then just pray when you get up!)

Kelly seems to be having a great time at the Renewal in Kenya...and the Renewal didn't officially start until today. I know she is already so blessed! Blessings on those who made such a trip possible. We were certainly not in a spot to be able to fund that ticket ourselves. God provides!

- Randy
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Donny said...

It's so good to see pictures of Mom and Dad in Benin. And I love it too that both sets of grandparents have been able to have that connection with all of their grandkids. Praise the Lord for unselfish grandparents like Mom, Dad and Morton and Suzy. I hope I remember that when I'm their age.

We'll pray tonight.