Sunday, March 18, 2007

A word from Kelly

I am checking in from Watamu, Kenya where the Come Before Winter Missionary Renewal for Women begins tomorrow afternoon. I have been so blessed this past week to meet up and travel with the leadership team of which my sweet mother is a part. An amazing amount of love, prayer and preparation has been poured into the week that is to come. Such anticipation is building for tomorrow when 60 missionary women will gather from various mission points from all over Africa. I am so excited. Tears come easy to my eyes right now. I am being loved on, prayed for and listened to by these dear sweet women. When the first song began in worship this morning tears were immediate. It has been so long since I have had the opportunity to worship in my heart language with other believers. Thank you Lord for this opportunity! Thank you Lord for my dear husband who has allowed me to be away from home for 2 weeks so that I can come home refreshed in the Lord. I am so blessed.
It gives me such joy and peace to be able to look at the pictures on this blog and see the happy faces of my children. I love knowing that they are having a blast with their wonderful Daddy. God is so good and so ATTENTIVE to our needs. Thank you Lord! Randy's parents arrive tonight! I know there are great days to be experienced this week in East and West Africa. We are especially prayerful about March 20! This is the day that we have been given for Lael's final adoption hearing. It is our hope and prayer that on this day she will be pronounced Kadi Lael VAUGHN ! O Lord may it be!


CommentRV said...

Sweet Kelly...

I am praying for all of you...and know you are receiving a fresh touch from Jesus this week! YAY! I will send an e-mail soon!!


Kendra said...

Good to hear from East Africa!!Yea! I can just imagine what a blessing it is to be surrounded not only by your mom but all the other women there as well. Just receive and be filled!! I look forward to celebrating on March 20th with you as well . . .yes, Lord, let it be so!