Saturday, March 24, 2007

I guess today marks the final day of Daddy Boot Camp 2007. Tomorrow we head to Cotonou and see Mommy on Monday. At the persistence of one beautiful daughter, I finally worked in time to set up the video projector so that we could watch OVER THE HEDGE "on the big screen." Of course Tori had wanted to set up a big screen outdoors and invite all of our neighborhood friends. She dreams big!! In the end, and as you can see from one tired little Timo, Daddy didn't get the thing set up until after 8p, which had Timo on the couch asleep before the movie ever started. Tori loved it and as she crawled into bed exhausted at almost 10p, I heard her quiet voice whisper, "thanks for finally setting up the was a great ending to Daddy Boot Camp." I love her so very much. She is such a creative girl, such a helpful big sister, and such a great kid with a great attitude 99% of the time!!
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Donny said...

Oh cool !!! A notepad !! HA Actually I am impressed with the movie on the big screen. Sounds like a fun ending to DBC2007 !! DBC2008 might have to be "Cousin Boot Camp 2008" and we'll let Kelly and Kendra have a fun few days together.

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

What a wonderful 2 weeks this has been for all of us! I am SO READY for us to be together again. We are getting on a plane in just a few hours and beginning the journey home! I love you all so much!

Great idea for DBC2008!!! I'll be looking forward to that!

See you soon!


vicki said...

Hey, Sweet Kelly, Happy Birthday and how neat that your present is getting to rejoin the fam! Sounds like everyone had a wonderful and blessed time, so will have much to share during your reunion time. Valerie will be 22, which helps me remember you, of course! Love to all, Aunt VG