Sunday, March 04, 2007

Check out Becky's blog for some more great pictures from her recent trip here to Benin. We are missing them so much and we are still thinking and talking about all the fun we had. The time we shared was truly blessed!

I had another great national leadership meeting yesterday. I accompanied 4 of the leaders from the Churches of Christ to meet with our colleagues in the Christian Church for our monthly council meeting. I love seeing the unity between these brothers. I am amazed at the vision they have and their efforts to advance the Kingdom with or without foreign financial help (they accept money from occasional overseas partners, but they also know if the work is to go forward in strength, that they must completely own the responsibilities, including finances). They also launched a new Christian Development Action Center (it has another name in French but I can't remember it). This is the social development arm of the national church...akin to 501c3 organizations often affiliated with congregations in America. They are hoping this opens the doors of possibilities for touching the the lives of the poor, advancing literacy training, and assisting women in creating micro-commerce opportunities.

Be praying that we will have success in our adoption activities this week! We're eager to rejoice in significant progress. We know God is good all the time, and that God's timing is also good all the time, so we are trusting Him for this timetable. The Bible reminds us that God's paths are beyond tracing out!

Blessings on your weekend!

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vicki said...

Randy, God has blessed the work yall have done in Benin so incredibly, raising up the church leadership and giving them the gift of faith and vision to carry on after you will have come back to the US. And I share your confidence that God's eye is on sweet Lael and thather future in your family is secure. I am praying that your family's example of patience and gentleness will be a witness to the Court officials of your worthiness to become Lael's legal parents and perhaps lead them to be eager to learn more about the God you serve. Love to all, Aunt VG