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TODAY - MARCH 20 - 2007, Kadi Lael was officially pronounced a VAUGHN! Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!!


The day took a long time to unfold (not to mention the car battery dying on us just as we were headed to court!!) Things never seem to go "smooth" in this process, but today (smooth or not), we are rejoicing that the official pronouncement has been made! Of course we believe it was made in heaven a long time ago, but it's sure fun to hear it said on earth! We had to wait around for a long time, but I was called in about 10:00a with our attorney and the President of the Tribunal in Lokossa (where the regional court meets, about 30 minutes from our home). They mumbled some French between themselves as they drafted the document attesting to today's ruling....then the attorney looked up at me with a big grin and said, "Felicitations!" (congrats in French) I knew then it was done. The President of the Tribunal (pictured above) was such a gracious man, thanking me for our compassion and our patience (I must have hid my lack of it pretty well! ha!) He blessed me with the following words: "May the God of Heaven, for whom you work, continue to bless you with all that is necessary - unto abundance - to give the best home to Kadi Lael." I was touched by this man's words and his willingness to share them with me.

We are truly blessed!

These are some of the snapshots from today...alot of WAITING...and you can see the "waiting room" was outside, at the bottom of the staircase leading up to the court room. Everyone did so well...we were there from 8:30a until 2:30p!
TOP: Ega, Lael's birth father (yellow shirt) and Papa and Timo; Tori babysits Lael as she naps on the floor (Tori had begged me to bring her jacket "in case it rained"...I finally relented (I didn't think it was going to rain) because we used it as a mat for our little girl to sleep on; Tori kept Lael entertained and Timo kept Nana laughing with his funny antics
MIDDLE: Tori is a sweet big sister...loves to love on Lael; about 4 hours into the waiting game, I asked the kids to make a funny face that would show how tired they were....Tori said, "I'm going CRA-ZEEEEE!" and Timo said, "oh, I'm so sleeeeeeepppppeeeee"
BOTTOM: Kadi Lael is such a beautiful girl...

and officially a VAUGHN as of today!

While the ruling was pronounced today in the hearing, we will return in one month to obtain the formal adoption declaration. With this document, we will be able to proceed down the road of immigrating Lael into the U.S. We are continuing, in the meantime, to do as many other things on the adoption checklist as is possible. Continue to pray with us for all things to be done in a timely fashion and done without error! And pray for us that we may continue to bear witness to the patience of our God...Lord help us in our times of impatience!

I misunderstood a little yesterday. I thought we had to wait on a month for this document, but when I went today to pick up the written version of the ruling, I discovered that THIS is indeed the adoption declaration...signed, stamped and photocopied a bazillion times! (5 to be exact) Anyway, there is a month of waiting, according to the Law, for any appeals. But that is unlikely to happen, so in one month, we get an addendum to today's document that says there were no appeals. Anyway, the kids were super excited to have a paper in hand (actually, we were ALL thrilled!!). I thought it was a cute picture of TT&L...J was already snoring went I got back. It seems all the more real today to have this document in hand! Praise God! AND THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR ENCOURAGING COMMENTS!!!!!

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Kendra said...

YIIPPEEEE!!! I've been checking email and the blog all day, praying all night, hoping that this was the appointed time! Yea!! You had me scared there for a minute - when you just scan through your post you don't mention the best news until just briefly at the end!!! Have fun celebrating - love you all!
aunt kendra

vicki said...

Praise God for His perfect timing! I am typing with tears I can barely see through!! So glad R and J get to be there with you. Love and blessings to you all, Aunt VG...and is Jonathan really that much bigger than Lael?? He looks to be catching up with Timo!

Brooks Inc. said...

I announced this to a chorus of cheers this morning in Ladies Class!

Everyone is thrilled, especially us! May the Lord continue to make the rough places smooth!

I love it that the judge blessed you guys! What an incredible testimony this has been (and will conitnue to be as the rest unfolds)

Loved the pictures!

BJB and family!

Donny said...

Wooooo-hoooo !!! I've been checking email and your blog all day too and was THRILLED to see this announcement. Can't wait to see this all complete in a few weeks (I'm staying positive!!) and we can celebrate once again. I can't wait to meet my sweet little Kadi !!! (I like calling her that too) Love you guys...

shell said...

Hallelujah!!! I too am crying! The fact that your parents were there fort his.... how sweet! And I'm imagining the joy that Kelly is experiencing as she shares this joy with so many missionary women-and her mom.

Hugs & kisses to everyone there!!!

Blessed Assurances said...

I am praising God with you all! I have been praying all day and so glad to hear that God revealed the appointed time to you all! Lael is very blessed to be a Vaughn! God bless the rest of the journey!

Susan (Johnson) young

Julie said...

PRAISE THE LORD! I've been praying for this moment! I'm so excited for you all!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Thank you everyone for your comments! It was so encouraging to get up this morning and see them all...plus over 2 dozen emails, too! Kelly will be so excited to read them all when she gets back. Not sure she has time to read all the comments this week while she's at the Renweal.

Keep 'em coming!!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I have read the blog and I have shouted praise with a full heart and many tears ...together with many missionary sisters...truly a day I will never forget. I am so blessed by every one's comments and I can't wait to read the emails next week.
God is good!!!

Love and Praise!

Kendra said...

Ok, I see the rest of the story now . . I jumped the gun and apparently saw the first half of your post before the one with the official announcement in it!! Oops! You must have been working on the other post while I was eager beaver checking the first one! YEA!!! Such a sweet, precious girl. Wish I could have been there in both settings for the parents - in East Africa with Kelly as she celebrated with the women, and with the family there after waiting so many hours at the courthouse!! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. God is so good!

Anthony Parker said...

This is Fantastic news! I know God will continue to use you in Benin, but we're looking forward to having you as neighbors in Texas.

Jill said...

There is much rejoicing in our home about this news! We are overjoyed!

Greg Bailey said...

Praaaaaaiiise da Lor!!!! Hallelujah!

Sandi said...

I'm so glad to hear your news (I'm a little behind!)!