Saturday, March 24, 2007

Since the first night, I haven't been able to get everyone together for picture...finally snapped this one spontaneously this morning! It's been a great week with Mom and's been VERY HELPFUL having them around, especially since Kelly has been gone. I'm thankful for the conversation, the babysitting help, and of course all the goodies everyone sent our way (Thanks to everybody who sent something!!)
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Kendra said...

I enjoyed all the posts. Sure is a neat thing to see Nana and Papa in your house knowing we'll see them back in ours in just a couple of days. Glad you guys have had such a great time - your kiddos are all so very precious! Aunt Kendra can't wait to spend more time around them (and I know some Vaughn boy cousins who feel the same way!). Love to you guys . .