Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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Brooks Inc. said...

So sweet! I love each of these pictures! Nana looks great and the kids are dolls!


Kendra said...

I LOVE Lael's t-shirt . . did that come from Nana herself?? I'll have to ask tomorrow after she wakes up. She looks so good in that picture - she said good hair was not an easy thing to accomplish on this trip. HUMID and HOT!! Hope you guys are able to rest and recoup some and hope N&P actually do wake up tomorrow before it's time to check out of the hotel!! he! They looked VERY TIRED.

Donny said...

They arrived home safely. It was good to see them but I know they will both feel much better after a good night sleep!! Thanks for having such great kids for them to play with. They had a great time with ALL of them!!