Thursday, March 29, 2007

GREAT Reunion and GREAT News!

I (Kelly) arrived safely in Cotonou Benin Monday night and had the best birthday present I can possibly imagine.....reuniting with my incredible husband and 4 precious children. All 4 kids surrounded me with a group hug and my heart nearly burst with JOY!! I was blessed to have 2 hours with Ronnie and Judy before they boarded the plane that I had just left.

We returned to Aplahoue on Tuesday and have been enjoying sweet time together ever since. Timothy keeps coming up to me saying "Mommy, I'm just so happy!" Families need to be together!

The last 2 weeks have been an incredible experience and I plan to blog about it soon. I have been deeply renewed, refreshed, and encouraged. I was blessed with new friends and sweet reunions with old friends...some that I had not seen in 16 years! The fellowship was rich and I was thirsty for it!

An update in regards to the adoption journey...Randy went yesterday to the hospital where Lael was born to start the process of having Lael's birth certificate modified. We were somewhat anxious about what we would be told because obtaining her original birth certificate took 6 months!! This morning they called us to say that the certificate is READY!!! Randy will return there this afternoon to get it!!! Can you believe it? This is so exciting!!! With this we can now apply for her Benin passport!! We also have been informed that our application for approval to apply for the Immigrant visa is PRESENTLY being reviewed and we should hear very soon that we have been approved!! This is all such GOOD ENCOURAGING NEWS!!! The prayers of MANY are being answered!

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement!


Kendra said...

Very good news, sweet sister!! I sure had fun seeing all of N&P's pictures of all the adventures there, and can't wait to hear your stories from your time as well! God is so very good . .
love you

Greg Bailey said...

Praise God! Kelly I am so glad that you are back with your sweet family. Timo is a wise man. Families should be together! My heart hurts for all of the kids who don't get to be with both of their parents.

I miss being there. I had such a great time on my last visit. I think Randy and I were both exhausted after all of the 2-3 AM visits! It was sweet fellowship though.

Please send me updates on everything. Greet ALL of the Aja for me!

Cheryl said...

Great news on the paper work!!! I'm so thankful for your sweet reunion...Praise Jesus for safe travels, precious families, and renewed hearts (Oh! AND successful adoptions :-)))))

Beverly Ross said...

I am so glad to hear how sweet your reunion was, although I had zero doubts!!! I loved our time together! I keep telling my husband 'Kelly stories'! I love you, sweet friend!