Friday, March 23, 2007

Favorite Friends

Last night, we had another fun evening with some of our dearest African friends. Sossa, Ega, Louise and Laurance have worked alongside of us in various capacities since the beginning. We count them as our closest close they seem like family. Even though Kelly wasn't there to join us (and it definitely didn't seem the same without you, Kelly!!), we had a great time. We also enjoyed the company of some missionary friends, Josh and Virginia Hamm and their son. As we ended the night, Mom and Dad got to share some surprise gifts with each of the four friends above. They were so touched and all said some very kind words to my folks. We love these friends so much...can't believe we'll have to say goodbye to them in a few months!
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Donny said...

What a fun evening with friends! I know Mom and Dad were looking forward to that. Great photos of the Village of Hope too. I remember helping pack those jump ropes and the kids will have a great time with those.

Love you all !