Saturday, June 23, 2007

Last Thursday Randy needed to return to Lokossa, a town about a 30 minute drive from our house, to pay our final telephone bill. We took the opportunity to go as a family and we asked Sossa and his family, as well as Laurance to meet us there for lunch. Our kids were very eager to see them again. Timothy had been especially sad because he could not remember saying goodbye to Sossa and his 2 younger brothers. So Timothy had his chance as well as the rest of us. It was great to be with them and sad to say goodbye again...yet very good for all of us.


JudyV said...

Loved seeing the pictures! I am so glad you all did this. It broke my heart that tender/tough boy Timothy, didn't get his good-bye to Sossa. I'm sure it was hard again, but you have some great pictures from the day.

I am wondering about all of you in a taxi for that long of a trip. Must have been interesting. We love your spirit and smiles under these conditions. Tell Suzy she looks beautiful holding Jonathan.

Love you all,

Brooks Inc. said...

These were some great pictures...Once again convinced you guys could do skin care commercials...lots of stress, yet everyone looks beatuiful! Lael's hair is super cute...glad someone is little better with curly hair pig tails than I am- Those look so sweet...

Enough about the outward :)- Boy do we love you guys. Today at lunch Payton was in charge of prayers...He varied from his usual by adding this line..."Lord- we need Tori and Timo to get here..please help Precious to bring them soon." We made sure we petitioned the Lord for the rest of you as well! :)

Looking forward to what the week holds!


Kendra said...

Man, I can't believe I have a nephew that I've only seen for a little bit when he was 6 months old and a niece that I have never had my arms around - both that are so very TALL!!! They look like they have grown a couple of inches in the past few weeks!!! Monday will be a good day. Your family was "all the buzz" today at RH- praying people everywhere have got you slathered up in prayers!! Love you to pieces . .
Aunt K