Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here are a few pictures since Wednesday of last week. It is a strange feeling to still be here and yet to no longer have our house, our car, the kids' toys and on and on. We are thankful to have found a small hotel with a pool that is right next to the Embassy. We are so thankful for the prayers and encouraging emails and phone calls that you are sending our way. We have needed every bit of it! We are especially thankful for the ones of you that are writing our senators on our behalf. We are expecting this to make a difference!

The following pictures show a glimpse of where we are right now! Kids in the pool or watching a DVD in our room, Jonathan and Lael eating their breakfast in the shower! (They do not mind this one bit!) My mom and I have been doing laundry at my good friend Judy Miller's house. And you see Timo taking a nap at the restaurant while Tori enjoys some ice cream. Everyone of us are tired! The sweet picture of Tori shows her wearing a new outfit from Aunt Becky that she absolutely loves!
Thank you Aunt Becky!

Randy pulled us altogether yesterday for a family meeting. We were all struggling with our attitudes and reactions to our circumstances. This definitely includes me!!
He asked us each to say one thing we are thankful for about where we are today. A little difficult but we were able to do it and then we talked about what is hard for everybody...then he had the idea for us to sing the song "God is so good" preceded by the phrase "even when" ...and we would mention one of the things that someone had said was hard about our circumstances. We went through the song several times.

This was a time that I was so thankful for my husband and his leadership in our family!

This was a good exercise for all of us. We are going to look for the good and do our best to find the blessing in these days of waiting.


Brooks Inc. said...

I am so thankful for Randy's leadership of your family (and so many others as well!) I forwarded a lot of the emails I got in response to you plea. So many praying, claiming, hoping.

I am still asking the Lord that you will find yourself in DC this time next week. Kelly and Beth are putting that house together as if it is so! We love you so!


Brooks Inc. said...

Forgot to say how beautiful Tori looks. I love outfit on her. CANNOT WAIT to go school shopping together!


Ron and Marilyn said...

Hey Vaughns! Have been sending that email out to friends and rhcc people to contact senators and congressmen - that God will use them to get y'all home soon! I can see it might be a little bit fun to 'chill' before you have to head home even tho you may be a little crowded. But there is a POOL!! And A/C and a shower (working?) plus some downtime. Praying the wait will be short!!


Chapman 6 said...

Even though we are camping, we check multiple times each day expecting great news.


We continue to pray for BIG things

mac said...

Hey Randy and Kelly! We continue to pray knowing that God is listening and He will answer.

We also appreciate Randy's leadership and know that the Lord is working mighty things through him.

We can't wait to see you on this side. Know that it will happen! Enjoy those last days in Cotonou. Even though they are frustrating now, in the days and years to come they will seem like they flew by.

We love you!

Murphy and Christine

Donny said...

Love reading about that story that Randy did for the family. I know the Lord prompted that in order to remind you all of the peace God brings. We are praying and very excited to see what the Lord has planned for you guys through this experience. Can't wait to see you all in person !! Love you so much!

mindy tyndall said...

I just love the leadership that I see in Randy, and in you, Kelly. God IS so good, and I just know He will bring you all home safely real soon! The kids look great and I am so happy that your "Precious" is there with you!
Hugs to all!

Jill said...

This reminds me of the last few days of pregnancy (and I am hoping that a few days is all it is) The time always seems shorter to those watching, than it is to the one expecting a new birth any moment! I pray that this time of waiting is brief, but also a time of depth in your relationship with each other and God. Already, it seems that there has already been great things in the exercise that Randy led you through! Your kids will never forget that. It may be the very thing that pulls them through other periods of waiting in their life. What a great thing not to just learn to wait on God, but learn HOW to do that. And as you know, He is rarely on our time. Very often as in the case of Mary and Martha mourning seems that He is coming through too late.
May you find joy in the waiting. Know that we are eagerly anticipating your arrival!!!!!

Anthony Parker said...

None of us know exactly how God is using this time, but we know that he is using it. He can bring anything good out of anything he allows, no matter how difficult.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Just wanted to check in and let you know that we are praying for all of you! We love you so much!