Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Fight Goes On....

Becky here once again...

As stated in the previous post Randy and Kelly returned to the Embassy to pick up their paper work at the appointed time and were met by the consular who with much emotion in her voice informed them that it was not there. She stated that she so hoped they were keeping a written record of everything so that someday Lael would know how hard and long they worked to get her.

It appears there is now a glitch in the computer system in Washington DC that is for some reason not allowing her Visa to go through. They said every other Visa issued today has immediately gone through however, whenever Lael's is entered in, the system crashes. The Benin consular spent 3 hours on the phone with the Washington DC office trying to get it sorted out to no avail. The Washington DC office assured them that this would be fixed and that they would have every technician on it this afternoon. With that being said, we once again ask your prayers that all would come through and Kelly and Randy would have the paperwork in hand this time tomorrow.

Everyone's voices are still filled with great hope and anticipation over the phone...We are in the closing pages of this particular chapter...We are turning the pages more quickly now. We thank you again for being main charectors in this story through your prayers and encouragement. We love you so!


Don Box said...

"What strength do I have, that I should still hope? What prospects, that I should be patient?" Job 6:11

Murray & Jaime said...

Obviously, you've got Sam and Emille here (in D.C.) to represent you but if you are needing additional support or someone to physically visit any place in D.C. on your behalf....PLEASE let us know. We would be MORE THAN HAPPY to go wherever, talk to whoever, bring a working computer to any place necessary, etc.

Praying for you in the meantime! I know all of these delays are just one way that Lael will be certain that she is wanted and meant to be in your precious family.

Please let us know if we can help with ANYTHING AT ALL!!

(P.S. you may be tempted to think that it would be asking "too much" to have us help since we just had a baby....but we are doing well and have family in town so PLEASE call us if you need us!!)

Shelly said...

Praying and believing the stinkin' computers will work tomorrow!

Cheryl said...

Computers crashing?!?...on YOUR documents only?!?! No one to repair it until later?!?...did the guys in Washington DC tell you the "man with the keys has gone" ? (smile)

You are leaving the continent of Africa behind (eventually, we confidently believe!) but you will always find bits of Africa in America too... :-)

I praise God for the support system of dear pray-ers and encouragers He has surrounded you and upheld you with.
May encouraging words and moments of laughter arrive for you at just the right instant...so His touch is evident in the (even momentary) relief.