Thursday, June 14, 2007

With many tears and thankful hearts we put our visitors on the plane last night.We treasured every minute. We so wanted to be on that plane with them. The Lord has another plan and we are eagerly waiting for it to unfold. For now we are at a guesthouse that is right next door to the US Embassy. We do not have email access here so our communication may not be as frequent but we will be trying.

We are waiting to be told the next step. Since we heard the initial word that we had received the fingerprint clearance, there has been silence. We have tried repeatedly to get through to the office in Ghana with no success. No one answers the phone. We have written emails and received no response. Our paperwork must get from the Ghana office to the Benin Embassy in order for us to get the visa for Lael. Because we can not get a response from the Ghana office we have no idea what kind of timeframe that we are talking about. There are not words to express the frustration of this situation.

We are so thankful that my mom is here with us. Pray that we will use this time to rest and process what we have experienced this past week. It has been wonderful and so hard. Tears come very easy right now.


Chapman 6 said...

Kelly, there are many here in Florida praying for these details to resolve. We have waited almost a decade, and pray that God gives you peace and safety in these last few days.


Donny said...

We love you guys!! Know that we are praying in Bedford, TX as well. This delay will only make the reunion that much better!! We WILL see you SOON !!!

NIGER1.COM said...

Benin news on

Brooks Inc. said...

trying to call...eager to talk...even more eager to watch the Lord's plan unfold! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!


Anthony Parker said...

Randy and Kelly,
I've been away from internet for a few days, but glad I caught up today. We feel your frustration and will be praying. Looking forward to seeing all of the Vaughns in TX soon!

mindy tyndall said...

Praying constantly for all of you! I know that God is going to show Himself in a mighty way through all of this paperwork. Hang on...we look forward to hearing you are on your way "home"!

Shelly said...

Praying for things to speed up for you guys! Also praying that this time together will be extra sweet and blessed. Looking forward to seeing what God does!
Shelly Willbanks