Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our hope is in God!
This morning at the US Embassy I was told that our only hope is that the US Senators we are contacting can get through to the places that we cannot. We heard from John Cornyn`s office this morning that they have received many emails and faxes from you and they will do what they can to help. They needed me to fax them a privacy release and it has taken me literally hours today to get that done! Thankfully it just went through!
We are doing everything that we can and will do anything that we learn is necessary! We want to come home!

Thank you for your prayers, emails and phone calls!


Brenda-Mom said...

Kelly & Randy - We are claiming victory for you! Ernest Angelo was just by my office. He called Cornyn's office personally this morning and was told they "would get right on it." He is a prominent Republician in the state of Texas and knows many of the important people personally. Both he and his wife are eagerly praying for resolution to this delay. Blessings on your sweet family as you await God's plan.
Brenda Sorrells

Vicki said...

Praise God for moving in so many lives! We are eager to see you all and know that it will be soon and very soon, Love, Aunt VG

mindy tyndall said...

We are praying hard, and sending out the call to our family and friends to join us in this and also to contact Texas leaders in order to get this thing moving. I sent an email off to Bob Hunter today, and hopefully he will be able to make some calls also!
Hugs - lots of them!