Wednesday, June 20, 2007


6:30p - Wed (12:30p Texas time)

This afternoon I went to the Embassy just before closing with a heavy heart and low expectations. When the Consular saw that I was in her office, with a huge smile on her face, she began waving to come on in. My heart lept as I knew immediately that she must have some good news. She was finally able to make contact with the officer in charge in the Ghana office. She explained that their entire systems are down and that is why they have not responded to any of our emails. She did not even know that our fingerprints had cleared. When she heard that they had cleared, she discussed with our Benin Consular a way to fast-track our file. The details are too complicated to explain here. However, Friday at 11:30 AM I am to meet with our Consular again and discuss Lael's visa! The Benin Consular is a dear lady and she is determined to see us through to getting on that plane. Friday we should have some good news about when that will be!

Things can change in an instant! We are praising God for this breakthrough. We have been desparate for it.




Brooks Inc. said...

HOORAY! A cheer went up to the Lord at our swim class today where daily people have asked how things were going! So fun to see hands fly to sky and eyes fill with tears as a praise to the Lord.

The Lord was good before this news broke and we praised Him in the midst of the circumstances as a God who knows and determines all things...But we are rejoicing in praise this afternoon. Never ceasing in our prayers...but so beside ourselves to see the next step!

So much love!


Brenda-Mom said...

This is awesome news!
God is good - all the time God is good!!!
Brenda Sorrells

Donny said...

Tremendous news!! I just called Mom and let her know. Now, I'm calling other family. This has made my day --- can't imagine what is has done for you all!! Whooppeeee!!!!! -donny-

Vicki said...

Praise God and bless that sweet lady's heart! I can only imagine the joy coursing through all of your hearts...such delightful news!
Love to all, Aunt VG

JudyV said...

Oh Hallelujah! The 20th!!! I told the Lord this morning that the 20th would be an easy date to remember. That used to be WAS AGAIN! Thank you, Lord for this fantastic news.

I will gladly broadcast this to all of the multitudes I have been asking prayers of so we can all praise and thank Him.

Smiling with you,

daughteroftheking said...

Praise God! What awesome news, we are joining in prayer that it will go smoothly on Friday.
M Johnson

Julie said...

Praise the Lord!! I type through eyes welled with tears! I'm rejoicing and praising him with you. You have no idea how close you've been in our hearts. We have been in step with you ALL THE WAY! We love you! Be encouraged as I know you are. Y'all are such troopers. I have seen the joy of the Lord on each of your beautiful faces through the photos in all of this trial. But one thing is certain, our hope in the Lord and how he always sees things through to his glory! You guys are awesome. What display of strength, patience, persistance and extreme faith. Your faith encourages me and my own faith. Just think of the numbers of people who stand by you in all this and gain more strength and faith in their own walk with the Lord by seeing you and your walk of faith! Much love and hugs to each of you! Thank you Jesus!

Kendra said...

AHHHHH!!! I feel a little bit lighter, how about you??? Praise the Lord. He was good yesterday, but we sure do thank Him for His goodness today!! COME HOME!!!

Missionary's Missionary said...


Ron and Marilyn said...

WHOOP!!!!!!!!!! Sara called from Mexico to tell me to read your blog!! YEA GOD!! We got a call from Michael Burgess (congressman) who said they were working on getting your case resolved - I was impressed with that! It does help to keep on asking and asking our representatives as we give all the glory to our GOD!!

Can't wait to hear what happens on Friday, or before!

love y'all,


Anthony Parker said...

Praise God -- He is soooo good; and somehow, it's when we are desperate that we most sense his goodness.

mindy tyndall said...

Praise God for sweet answers and big smiles! Our prayers continue that the rest of your days there go smoothly and that God will bring you home safely! I know that your example of faith and perseverance is touching so many right now. I am blessed each time I read something here or on Becky's blog, whether good news, or not-so-good news, you are all continuing to praise our Father, whose blessings are beyond measure!
Prayers abounding!
Hugs to all!

Cheryl said...

Praise Jesus!!! I feel ecstatic that you've had a breakthrough and heard something...I pray God will bless you (all 7) with the peace of restful spirits today. (Recognizing the MIRACLE that rest is for a family cooped up in a guesthouse in very warm Benin!)
Ahhhhhhh...the sweet relief of another step FORWARD!!!!
Already praying for Friday...

Don Box said...

We're celebrating in Texas! Don

Chapman 6 said...

Awesome news, we cannot wait to see you guys. There are so many here that continue to ask for updates. It is amazing that while none of them have met you, in Christ they feel such a bond that they have all waited with such anticipation (of course me talking about it all of the time helped).

We love you guys


songbirdintl said...

YEA!!!! Thank you Lord! We are all joining you in celebration and anticipation for Friday!!

Murray & Jaime said...

Yippeee!!! We along with countless others are praising and thanking God for this WONDERFUL breakthrough!!

Can't wait to see you stateside!

Lyndsey said...

Praise God! And eagerly anticipating tomorrow's good news. Love you so!