Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Keep praying!
"This is my Father's World! Why should my heart be sad? God reigns, Let the earth be glad!"
Having packed up everything, it has been awhile since we have heard any music. This morning I found an Amy Grant CD that had been in our car and put it in the computer! The whole atmosphere in the room changed as my heart was lifted and the kids danced around the room. Thank you Lord! It is good to praise you!

Randy has returned to Aplahoue today to take care of final business. My mom and I are holding the fort down here in Cotonou trying to keep the path well worn between our hotel and the US Embassy.

We have received lots of encouraging emails today and even one from John Cornyn's office!!!!!

Things are stirring! We will keep you informed!

Expecting Blessing!


Donny said...

I woke up this morning singing (in my head, of course!! HA) the song "Blessed be the Name". I love it when the Lord recalls that song for me because it reminds me to praise Him regardless of the circumstances. Glad to hear that same spirit is alive in Cotonou!! We are excited to hear what comes of this. Love you all !!!

Kendra said...

Now you've made me very curious about what JC's email SAID!! Praying non-stop.
love you

mac said...

We are praying too! I lifted you guys up this morning in prayer. It's going to happen. God is at work and His timing is perfect! We love you!

Murphy and Christine

Vicki said...

It is amazing to me how deliberate and powerful are the works of the Lord. Just think of all the voices that the Lord is hearing and all the people who are being moved to call on Him on your behalf and how faith around the world will be increased as we all see Him working in the lives of the Vaughn family. It is so exciting to hear that the people in John Cornyn's office are aware of your dilemma and are no doubt taking steps to cut through the bureaucratic web. Hugs all around, especially to Sweet Suzy and your angel/friend Judy Miller. Love to all, Aunt VG

Chapman 6 said...

I am sure Amy would love to hear that story. In the craziness it is amazing how Jesus CAN lift your spirits and we pray He will continue to do so.

We love you