Friday, June 08, 2007

We concluded our day at the Village of Hope, an orphanage that has become very dear to our hearts! We arrived as the sun was setting and received a quick tour of the the home and school. We were so blessed by the director David, and by seeing the children. The presence of the Lord is in this place. They sang for us and we sang for them! We had the great priveledge of presenting them with a large gift that was given by many special friends over the last week! This was the Lord's timing and we heard wonderful testimony that encouraged us all to always respond when God is prompting! The teachers had not been paid in 4 months and the women who prepare the food for the children had not been paid either. The food supply for the orphanage had almost completely run out and their were no funds to replace it. Just last week several of the teachers had refused to continue their teaching until they were paid something. The remaining staff was very discouraged. The director said that he had had many sleepless nights recently wondering how the Lord would provide.

Our gift which represents many compassionate generous people from Richland Hills will cover all of the previous unpaid salary, as well as allow them to restock their food supply! Thunderous applause and laughter were expressed when this good news was shared!

Thank you to all who responded so quickly to our request. There will be more opportunities to contribute to this wonderful place that is literally saving the lives of children.

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Jill said...

It has been my experience in life that many people start well, but few finish well. I can not tell you how deeply it touches my heart to see you end well. What an incredible testimony to the King that you serve and to your faithfulness in following Him!