Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We have entered into our last week of living life in Aplahoue. My parents and Phil and Brenda Martin arrived safely last night. Don Box and Kellye Stone will arrive tomorrow night. We are so thankful to have them here. They are all so generous with their love and encouragement and we are soaking it all in! Here are a few pictures from last night and our day in Cotonou. We are back in Aplahoue tonight. Keep checking in with us. We have a busy week, yet we plan to post often. We appreciate every prayer lifted on our behalf


Murray & Jaime said...

Welcome to the Jeffreys and other Vaughn friends. We've been keeping up...eager to hear the final approval has gone thru. We pray that your arrival date to the States will be VERY CLOSE to the original as we'd LOVED to see your whole family before we move west!

Praying and praying!

Ron and Marilyn said...

HURRAH! The Jeffreys and Martins are there! It's so neat to see their faces on this blog!! Love and hugs and hugs to all of you there!


Marilyn and Ron

Kendra said...

How fun to see people I was just around the other day, there with you now across the world!!! Tell Suzy she looks fabulous, and to give you the fresh hugs I sent with her, ok? Have fun . . .be blessed . . love you!

Brooks Inc. said...

Love seeing htese pcitures...Everyone looks great. I have trying to call all day. Will be ready to try again tomorrow!

Sure love you!


Anthony Parker said...

It's great you have family and loved ones there to help you through this transition. I'm praying for fingerprints and anything else that's needed. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Drop us an email when you know your plans for sure.

daughteroftheking said...

Great to see you with your family. I pray this week with friends and family will be blessed
Missy J