Saturday, June 09, 2007

Just a quick note for those of you who are checking in daily...We have had a wonderful productive day! We are all exhausted and going to bed earlier tonight. We have some great pictures, yet will have to post tomorrow. Almost all of the furniture is gone and is in its new home. Tori had some special time giving gifts to her friends and has shed many many tears today. Please continue your prayers for her through this transition. Tonight we had an incredibly sweet time with Ega and his family. The goodbyes are becoming more difficult as we near the end. We anticipate tomorrow being a very special day.

Our visitors are contributing minute by minute to the specialness of this time! We are so blessed to have them here. How would we have done this without them? The Lord knew we needed them! Thank you Richland Hills for sending them! We are SO blessed!
God is good!


Kendra said...

Thinking about and praying for you all the time . . .love you!

Ron and Marilyn said...

Yes, we are checking several times daily just to see if there is any new news!! Loved seeing our guys 'behind bars'! Ron says one good caption would be 'but, officer, we were only trying to get the best price for the wooder elephant'. And here's another one: 'OK, if you release us, we promise never to sing as a trio again!'

We had a great praise service tonight at rhcc - Samuel is here and going to Summer Spectacular next week. Tomorrow, he'll go spend some time with Mattie and Ethan.

The Gonzalez arrive here tomorrow from Mexico for furlough!

Hey, we are praying for all of you!! We love each and everyone. And know tomorrow will be hard but necessary.

~marilyn and ron

Ron and Marilyn said...

Or here's some more:

That's right! We all want the same thing - the 12 piece chicken dinner.

Please Don't Feed the Old Goats

OK? Who the joker that stole our firends mustashe?

laura said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated on how you all are doing and how best to be praying for you! We personally are learning so much from you guys as you transition back home... I need to remember to tell Austin Avenue (our sending church) about the huge blessing of having family and friends come in to help the transition back home! What a beautiful idea, and a tremendous blessing! God bless your family!

Brooks Inc. said...

This is my 200th time to check this blog today! Love you all so mcuh and am praying constantly for every moment...

CAn't wait to hear every last detail!

Love! Prayers! Hope!


JudyV said...

I think I have you beat, Becky. This must be 201 for me today. The silence is hard, huh?

We can't know the emotions that are going on across the world but the emotions on this side of the world are running pretty high, also!

I am convinced that church probably lasted at least 5 hours so naps were in order, probably. Beyond that I don't know what number of people have pulled at you guys today.

Bless you with a peace of fulfillment of a job well done, and an ability to turn it over to the Aja now.

God IS good to have sent a group over to be with you in these difficult days. I can not imagine the feelings you would have had if you were by yourself. I am praying the other perspectives are easing your pain of leaving.

We will keep checking for more news of the day and the emotional tomorrow.

Our love to each of you and our African family, as well.

Praying constantly,