Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Wonderful Gift

These are some of my favorite pictures.
I am hoping to have access to some more pictures soon. For now, Enjoy! I have written below the pictures about my experience. West Africa Tough Girls! Me, Tracey Ries, Mandy Chankin, Becky Reeves and Melissa Johnson....This was taken at our Texas party!
We came a LONG way to be here and it was worth it! I was so thankful to be here with my West Africa friends. Tracey and Becky serve in Togo with their families and Mandy and Melissa serve in Burkina Faso with their families.
West Africa Sweet Girls

Me and my Sweet Mom

My new DEAR friend Cheryl Cash.
Cheryl lives in Fort Portal Uganda.
It is the Lord's kindness that has brought us together as friends.
I am so thankful for Cheryl.
God actually began drawing our hearts together in the blog world. We have been reading each other's blogs over the past year and finally had the chance to meet each other face to face! Thank you Lord!

I LOVE Donna Willbanks. We had so much fun together.
Donna I truly thank God every time you come to my mind...which is very often!!

Sweet Bevie (Beverly Ross)
Bevie is on the CBW team and one of my new favorite friends!
I think I talked her ears off! What a gift she is to me!
Before and after the Renewal I shared a room with my mom and Peggy Nelson!
This of course was a blast and a delight. My mom is always fun and now I know that Peggy is too! Peggy is funny, sweet and so thoughtful. I was so blessed by her kindnesses, morning hugs, and the way she shared the stories of her life.

I feel different!
I was given a gift that I was fully aware that I needed. The gift came from so many different people...generous givers to the Come Before Winter ministry that make these renewals possible, a generous friend who provided the complete financial support for my travel to Kenya, a generous mother who met me in London 2 days early before we traveled together with the team to Kenya the rest of the way, generous Come Before Winter team members who poured out love, prayers, counsel, teaching, hugs, and spiritual encouragement, generous missionaries who freely shared continual testimonies of God's grace and presence on the field in every circumstance AND my extremely generous husband who let me leave for 2 weeks so that I could receive these gifts in abundance.
The summer of 1990 I went to Kenya for the first time and I absolutely fell in love with the Continent of Africa and at the same felt my heart awaken to the sweetest love of knowing Christ. At least in my own heart I have often referred to Kenya as where I had my honeymoon with the Lord. It was a wonderful experience and a life changing one as well. It was during that internship serving with some wonderful missionaries who became my dear friends that I began to dream of serving the Lord as a missionary in Africa. 9 years later Randy and I arrived in Benin with our sweet Tori!
What a blessing it was to return to Kenya as our time in Africa is drawing to an end. I immediately remembered why I fell in love with Africa. Kenya is breath taking beautiful. The Kenyan people are warm and kind. And I was again blessed to be surrounded by missionaries who serve the Lord with surrendered hearts and who give joyful, tearful testimonies of our amazing God. I was reunited with friends from years ago and had the opportunity to make so many new friends. The fellowship was rich and deep. As well my time with the Lord was SO precious. During the renewal we studied the book of Philippians. It was great to be in the Word and to have some true quiet time to hear the Lord speak to my heart.
I feel deeply renewed! Thank you Lord!

I have returned to Benin to different circumstances than when I left on March 11! For the past 21 months we have been consumed with Lael's adoption process...which as you likely know, became final on March 20 while I was in Kenya! The reality is now, that it is time to start packing up and saying goodbyes. Goodbyes to a life that has been hard and full of challenges and strangely I have come to love....because I have known the Lord's presence.
I am also saying goodbye to people that my family has come to love dearly and we are about to say hello to a whole new life....and we are looking forward to it!
As these thoughts at times overwhelm me, I will press on in what I know for sure... something that was renewed in my heart over the past 2 weeks...
My confidence is in Christ Alone.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Getting back to OUR normal

Life is returning to normal around the Vaughn house, at least for this Mommy! For most of this week we have been without power and water. Today we spent most of the day outside enjoying some cool rain and cool breezes. These 4 kids are so much fun! You "Come Before Winter girls" may recognize the hats in these pictures from our Texas party last Thursday night! I was so glad to snag 4 of these and put them in my carry on luggage. The kids have been wearing them constantly ever since I handed them over! My other luggage did not make it to Cotonou with me Monday. Thankfully it did arrive on the Wednesday night flight. Randy retrieved the bag for me today when he went to Cotonou! Tonight I have had fun unpacking all the goodies I received last week in East Africa. I am hoping to post tomorrow more details about my wonderful experience!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

GREAT Reunion and GREAT News!

I (Kelly) arrived safely in Cotonou Benin Monday night and had the best birthday present I can possibly imagine.....reuniting with my incredible husband and 4 precious children. All 4 kids surrounded me with a group hug and my heart nearly burst with JOY!! I was blessed to have 2 hours with Ronnie and Judy before they boarded the plane that I had just left.

We returned to Aplahoue on Tuesday and have been enjoying sweet time together ever since. Timothy keeps coming up to me saying "Mommy, I'm just so happy!" Families need to be together!

The last 2 weeks have been an incredible experience and I plan to blog about it soon. I have been deeply renewed, refreshed, and encouraged. I was blessed with new friends and sweet reunions with old friends...some that I had not seen in 16 years! The fellowship was rich and I was thirsty for it!

An update in regards to the adoption journey...Randy went yesterday to the hospital where Lael was born to start the process of having Lael's birth certificate modified. We were somewhat anxious about what we would be told because obtaining her original birth certificate took 6 months!! This morning they called us to say that the certificate is READY!!! Randy will return there this afternoon to get it!!! Can you believe it? This is so exciting!!! With this we can now apply for her Benin passport!! We also have been informed that our application for approval to apply for the Immigrant visa is PRESENTLY being reviewed and we should hear very soon that we have been approved!! This is all such GOOD ENCOURAGING NEWS!!! The prayers of MANY are being answered!

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

In the Spirit of Joshua and Caleb

Tonight (Saturday), for about 3 hours, I spent some special time with a group of men that I believe God has called together for the purpose of scouting out some new territory for Christ! To be prudent, I don't feel I should mention the area where we will be headed, nor the exact timeframe. All I need to say is that we have been there before, and we encountered a majority of people who did not understand the saving grace of Jesus Christ! We wish to share with them that Good News!

Some other men in our churches have accompanied me there are 2 different occasions, in the years 2002 and 2004. I feel the timing is God's and the people He has chosen are those whom He wants to use. We will be there for a week very soon and while we will spend time in the Word, in prayer, and in visiting local people, we will also be sending out these men by 2's into neighboring villages where we believe people are more receptive to the Gospel of Christ.

Myself and Yaovi, who serves as the President of the local leadership council over all 7 congregations, have spent weeks discussing the plans and choosing the participants. It was exciting to gather all of them together this evening for the first of several meetings about this upcoming mission journey. I opened up the Word to Numbers 13 where the Lord calls out some of the Israelite men to examine the land of Canaan...only to find 2 who wholeheartedly were willing to go and fight the giants and take the land for God. As we read through the passage, I could sense the anticipation, the excitement, and the challenge facing these men. Would they have the faith of Joshua and Caleb? When we go in a few weeks, will they see the "milk and honey" (blessings!!) or will they see the overwhelming forces at work against us? Will they be intimidated by the size of the task and the reasons why it could "never work", or will they return back to their other brothers in this "tribe" and ask, "whom among us will go?"

I was encouraged at the end end when Yaovi challenged the group about praying for this trip, not allowing anyone or anything to discourage anyone from participating. He immediately called for a half-day of prayer and fasting, coming up soon. I was challenged and very much encouraged by his leadership.

It is fun to sit there tonight with these men, dreaming, planning, praying and even simply wondering about the future and the role we all play in sharing the love of Christ with those who do not yet know His Name. Especially when we speak about leaving behind our families, friends, and our familiarities and head into a land strange with new languages, new customs, new ways of living life and drastically different ways of interpreting the events of life. When someone doesn't worship the God you worship in the WAY in which you do (J-14.6), how do we tell them about Him? The patience and love of God demands we try and share His love with others, even going into lands much unlike our own. Yet while the urgency of the Gospel message demands we not delay, we also must proceed with an optimal strategy and plan, not of our own, but led by His Spirit.

As I close out my time here among the Aja people, I believe it is unlikely that I will spend much time in this new area. But those men at the meeting tonight...possibly one or more of them could end up moving up into that new land to work for God. Or it could possibly by one of their children who does it? We never know. But we go in faith, believing we are following the commands of our Lord and therefore, we walk confidently in His will. We will proceed with eyes of faith, and pray for God's hand to guide us to those who want to know the power of Christ's Resurrection.

The reason for my 'vagueness' has to do with my respect for this country. I am a foreigner. I am working here as a guest. I believe God sent me here and I work for Him, but I believe I can work passionately because of my beliefs without enciting others to evil, anger, or harm to us or those with whom we share these beliefs. I recognize that in this day, there may be a number of visitors to this blog who are citizens of this country and may not agree with my beliefs. I do not wish to start a war of religions in a land well-known for her peace. The battle is not with mankind. We know where the battle originates. We are familiar with our opposition, yet do not cower in defeat or discouragement. We believe the message of Christ is unique and therefore offers great hope in light of all the suffering of this world. I pray that as we work among the Aja people, and elsewhere, our witness is that of the love of God and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. We are not here to wage human war with our words or our actions. We wish to share the love of Christ. Simple as that. Our obedient reaction to God's love in our own life compels us to share the message with as many as possible. We trust God to open the hearts of men and to chose the Way of life that is best.

Since the first night, I haven't been able to get everyone together for picture...finally snapped this one spontaneously this morning! It's been a great week with Mom and's been VERY HELPFUL having them around, especially since Kelly has been gone. I'm thankful for the conversation, the babysitting help, and of course all the goodies everyone sent our way (Thanks to everybody who sent something!!)
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Papa has two grandsons enamored by a simple notepad. They would fight over that and Papa's pen. Fortunately, by the end of the week, both had their own!! Jonathan and Timo have loved spending time with Papa, especially as Nana has spent much of the morning hours with Tori doing school. Lael has, too, except that she still takes her morning nap....(KELLY - did you get more morning nap for J! He "graduated" during Daddy Boot Camp....Yikes!!....that wasn't planned....get ready!!!)
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I guess today marks the final day of Daddy Boot Camp 2007. Tomorrow we head to Cotonou and see Mommy on Monday. At the persistence of one beautiful daughter, I finally worked in time to set up the video projector so that we could watch OVER THE HEDGE "on the big screen." Of course Tori had wanted to set up a big screen outdoors and invite all of our neighborhood friends. She dreams big!! In the end, and as you can see from one tired little Timo, Daddy didn't get the thing set up until after 8p, which had Timo on the couch asleep before the movie ever started. Tori loved it and as she crawled into bed exhausted at almost 10p, I heard her quiet voice whisper, "thanks for finally setting up the was a great ending to Daddy Boot Camp." I love her so very much. She is such a creative girl, such a helpful big sister, and such a great kid with a great attitude 99% of the time!!
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Friday, March 23, 2007

Favorite Friends

Last night, we had another fun evening with some of our dearest African friends. Sossa, Ega, Louise and Laurance have worked alongside of us in various capacities since the beginning. We count them as our closest close they seem like family. Even though Kelly wasn't there to join us (and it definitely didn't seem the same without you, Kelly!!), we had a great time. We also enjoyed the company of some missionary friends, Josh and Virginia Hamm and their son. As we ended the night, Mom and Dad got to share some surprise gifts with each of the four friends above. They were so touched and all said some very kind words to my folks. We love these friends so much...can't believe we'll have to say goodbye to them in a few months!
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Village of Hope

Just as we did with Becky and Payton last month, Mom & Dad (and Tori, Timo and I) visited the VILLAGE OF HOPE here in town. About 40 kids ranging from 6 to 14 years old...all so friendly, well-behaved and happy. They sang several songs for us, enjoyed some festive dancing, and loved the jump ropes that Mom and Dad brought them. As well, some friends of Mom and Dad also contributed some money, so it was fun to see their faces when Dad presented the Director with an envelope of money! They were so very excited! I believe in this project and believe it is a work of God. They have so many needs, yet the Lord provides at every turn. In one of the pictures above, Tori demonstrates the jump rope and then calls on one of the boys to try it. It was fun!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007



TODAY - MARCH 20 - 2007, Kadi Lael was officially pronounced a VAUGHN! Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!!


The day took a long time to unfold (not to mention the car battery dying on us just as we were headed to court!!) Things never seem to go "smooth" in this process, but today (smooth or not), we are rejoicing that the official pronouncement has been made! Of course we believe it was made in heaven a long time ago, but it's sure fun to hear it said on earth! We had to wait around for a long time, but I was called in about 10:00a with our attorney and the President of the Tribunal in Lokossa (where the regional court meets, about 30 minutes from our home). They mumbled some French between themselves as they drafted the document attesting to today's ruling....then the attorney looked up at me with a big grin and said, "Felicitations!" (congrats in French) I knew then it was done. The President of the Tribunal (pictured above) was such a gracious man, thanking me for our compassion and our patience (I must have hid my lack of it pretty well! ha!) He blessed me with the following words: "May the God of Heaven, for whom you work, continue to bless you with all that is necessary - unto abundance - to give the best home to Kadi Lael." I was touched by this man's words and his willingness to share them with me.

We are truly blessed!

These are some of the snapshots from today...alot of WAITING...and you can see the "waiting room" was outside, at the bottom of the staircase leading up to the court room. Everyone did so well...we were there from 8:30a until 2:30p!
TOP: Ega, Lael's birth father (yellow shirt) and Papa and Timo; Tori babysits Lael as she naps on the floor (Tori had begged me to bring her jacket "in case it rained"...I finally relented (I didn't think it was going to rain) because we used it as a mat for our little girl to sleep on; Tori kept Lael entertained and Timo kept Nana laughing with his funny antics
MIDDLE: Tori is a sweet big sister...loves to love on Lael; about 4 hours into the waiting game, I asked the kids to make a funny face that would show how tired they were....Tori said, "I'm going CRA-ZEEEEE!" and Timo said, "oh, I'm so sleeeeeeepppppeeeee"
BOTTOM: Kadi Lael is such a beautiful girl...

and officially a VAUGHN as of today!

While the ruling was pronounced today in the hearing, we will return in one month to obtain the formal adoption declaration. With this document, we will be able to proceed down the road of immigrating Lael into the U.S. We are continuing, in the meantime, to do as many other things on the adoption checklist as is possible. Continue to pray with us for all things to be done in a timely fashion and done without error! And pray for us that we may continue to bear witness to the patience of our God...Lord help us in our times of impatience!

I misunderstood a little yesterday. I thought we had to wait on a month for this document, but when I went today to pick up the written version of the ruling, I discovered that THIS is indeed the adoption declaration...signed, stamped and photocopied a bazillion times! (5 to be exact) Anyway, there is a month of waiting, according to the Law, for any appeals. But that is unlikely to happen, so in one month, we get an addendum to today's document that says there were no appeals. Anyway, the kids were super excited to have a paper in hand (actually, we were ALL thrilled!!). I thought it was a cute picture of TT&L...J was already snoring went I got back. It seems all the more real today to have this document in hand! Praise God! AND THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR ENCOURAGING COMMENTS!!!!!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Papa & Nana arrived last night and it has been great to be with them! When we arrived at the Guesthouse in the capital city, the water was shut bucket baths for the weary travelers. They were troopers and did so without complaining. The power had gone out in town while we were waiting for them to claim their bags, but fortunately electricity returned after about an hour. It's a very hot time of year...not fun if the power is off! There is no generator at the Guesthouse so I'm thankful that we eventually had our fans and AC!

They were permitted to sleep in only until 9a, but I suspect they were awakened long before that with the sound of 4 kids. All 4 kids have loved their time with Nana & Papa. Special memories! It's such a blessing that all of our children's grandparents have visited Benin...and on multiple occasions. I am thankful to know that our kids can one day talk to them about their life in Africa and any one of our parents will be able to discuss with them tangible details about life in Africa (and the people we shared it with!)

We drove the 3 hour journey home hot and tired...but then a nice rain shower greeted us just outside of the town where we live. That has "cooled" it off a little bit tonight. We were greeted by some of our African friends...including a homecooked American meal! We got all the tired kiddos to bed and then we unpacked all the goodies (Tori did stay up a little later than the others for this always-fun aspect of visitors!) Thanks to EVERYONE who sent some of the very fun stuff.

Tomorrow is our scheduled day in court to hear the judge's ruling/pronouncement of Lael's adoption. I do pray it is to be! We are weary of delays and yet know all is in God's timing. We'll let you know tomorrow on whether or not it took place and how. We'll start pretty early in the morning, so pray before noddin' off! (unless you are in another time zone east of GMT+1...then just pray when you get up!)

Kelly seems to be having a great time at the Renewal in Kenya...and the Renewal didn't officially start until today. I know she is already so blessed! Blessings on those who made such a trip possible. We were certainly not in a spot to be able to fund that ticket ourselves. God provides!

- Randy
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mom and Dad have arrived !

Just a quick note from Donny:


I just talked to my parents and they have arrived in Benin !! Praise the Lord !! And all the bags arrived as well which is a big relief. They were with Randy and the kids and we already having a great time.

Randy wanted me to post this update for him ... more updates to come.


A word from Kelly

I am checking in from Watamu, Kenya where the Come Before Winter Missionary Renewal for Women begins tomorrow afternoon. I have been so blessed this past week to meet up and travel with the leadership team of which my sweet mother is a part. An amazing amount of love, prayer and preparation has been poured into the week that is to come. Such anticipation is building for tomorrow when 60 missionary women will gather from various mission points from all over Africa. I am so excited. Tears come easy to my eyes right now. I am being loved on, prayed for and listened to by these dear sweet women. When the first song began in worship this morning tears were immediate. It has been so long since I have had the opportunity to worship in my heart language with other believers. Thank you Lord for this opportunity! Thank you Lord for my dear husband who has allowed me to be away from home for 2 weeks so that I can come home refreshed in the Lord. I am so blessed.
It gives me such joy and peace to be able to look at the pictures on this blog and see the happy faces of my children. I love knowing that they are having a blast with their wonderful Daddy. God is so good and so ATTENTIVE to our needs. Thank you Lord! Randy's parents arrive tonight! I know there are great days to be experienced this week in East and West Africa. We are especially prayerful about March 20! This is the day that we have been given for Lael's final adoption hearing. It is our hope and prayer that on this day she will be pronounced Kadi Lael VAUGHN ! O Lord may it be!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Daddy Boot Camp 2007 - Day 5

Daddy Boot Camp gets crazier and crazier each day! Today was Tori and Timo's favorite!! Today was BOUNCE HOUSE!! We dragged in most every mattress into our bedroom, cranked up the AC, and let the kids jump and bounce all over the bed and then onto the mattresses on the floor. Alot of fun, but absolutely crazy! Actually to make myself feel better, I waited until J&L were down for their naps in the other room (oops, sorry kids, you get a pallette on the tile floor 'cause we had to use your mattresses). T&T are at the age where I tell them later on NOT to jump on the bed (when we are not in DBC mode!!), then they will likely obey. J&L couldn't understand the difference, so I thought it was best not to give them a new activity to do. Plus, I figured having 4 kids jumping around on the bed together would end up with someone hurt (it almost did with 2!) So make all the comments you want...guess I'm opening myself to all kinds of "parenting tips" !! But it sure was fun!

I've loved sharing this week with a good friend and missionary colleague, Greg Bailey. He and I have gotten little sleep but we have had great conversations, late into the night! Greg once worked among the Aja for 5 years and so shares the same vision for their growth and maturation!

Tomorrow, after worship, we take Greg to the airport so he can return to his family in Texas. But just before he departs, my parents arrive for a week-long visit!! We're all so excited about Nana & Papa coming!! They will be here until the day that Kelly returns from Kenya. God is good!

Speaking of my wife, I have spoken with her several times on her cell phone and it's been so good to hear how much she is enjoying her trip. The Come Before Winter renewal starts on Monday...she is excited!!

Here's a photo of our St. Patrick's Day waffles and green eggs!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Daddy Boot Camp 2007 - Day 3 & 4

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We're having a great time at DBC 2007! Thought Mommy would love some fun pictures of the kids, especially J&L. The bottom right is right before bed (at DBC, all of us, yes ALL of us sleep in one room!!); Tori wanted to take a picture for Mommy....Lael is so cute holding a map of Africa (Tori spent 20 LONG minutes trying to teach the others about where Kenya was)....Tori & Timo are holding pictures of Mommy and Daddy (Tori said: "I like these pictures because Mommy and Daddy aren't kissing in them...yuk!")...Jonathan is just cute because he's cute.
The past two days have been full of fun...Greg Bailey and I have had alot of conversations about ministry and life! I'm thankful for his family willing to let loose of their Daddy...thanks girls! Yesterday, I got to get away to a leadership training meeting with Greg for a few's good to be with men of faith who are eager to grow in their knowledge of God and His mission.
Up to this point in their lives, Kelly and I have always enjoyed being the ones who pray over our kids at bedtime. We will likely continue this at times, but just as the kids do pray at meal times, I wanted them to start "saying their prayers" at bedtime, too. I asked Tori: "do you want to practice praying whatever is on your heart or would you rather learn to recite a memorized prayer?" She picked the latter. I didn't want to do the "now I lay me down to sleep" (I couldn't remember all of it, plus I thought it might creep Tori out to say, "if I die before I wake"...that always made a little uncomfortable). I solicited her help (Timo kept interjecting, "Thank you dear God for pickles!" then he'd burst out laughing)...with a little tweaking for rhyming sake, here's Tori's new bedtime prayer (no references to pickles thank goodness):
Thank you God as this day ends
Bless my family and my friends
Give us rest as we sleep on our beds
Take captive all the thoughts in our heads
Forgive us our sins
In Jesus' Name, Amen!
The "take captive" thought was mine (2 Cor 10.3-5)...something I always pray for the kids...that God would reach down from heaven and take captive of all the fears, sickness, busy thoughts...anything that would keep them from having bad dreams or restless sleep! I love the idea that we can ask God through His Spirit to take captive our thoughts...mine aren't always thoughts that glorify God.
I talked about the last phrase with important it is to ask God to forgive our sins...the importance of confession. (Of course, I laughed because growing up I always thought it was amazing that everyone rhymed their prayers at the end...seems every man at church said it the same poetic way, "forgive us our sins, in Jesus' Name, Amen.") Tori did clarify that "A-men" (long-A sound) was not right...she corrected me "Dad, you say "Ah-men" (funny! where does she get this stuff?!)
Timo and Tori sporting their Freedom Tire "name badges" ... they wrote their names on the cards (not legible in the pics though) ... and they pretended to be salepeople and tried to sale tires to all of us (Tori's cost $10,ooo each and Timo was selling for $5; later on Greg teased Tori about how expensive hers were and she reconfigured her pricing they are FREE...she said, "you get it, FREE, FREEdom Tire!"
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daddy Boot Camp 2007 - Day 2

We had a lot of fun this morning with our outdoor activities. Here, the kids enjoy a game of "8 Seconds" (Tori loves the rodeo)...they both succeeded in hanging suspended from the BB goal for the perfect amount of time.

The favorite of today was not caught on film (so I wouldn't look like a scarety cat) was called "Daddy Boot Camp Director Dodgeball!" This is where Daddy (aka, DBC Director) is blindfolded and has to walk through a maze of toys in the yard while Tori and Timo try and throw various balls at me! They loved it....they're pretty good shots, too!

Jonathan and Lael love seeing Laurance when she arrives each day for work!
We closed tonight with our memory verse for the week, Philippians 2:4-5:
"None of you should look out just for your own good,
but you should always look out for the good of others.
Think like Jesus!"

Monday, March 12, 2007

Daddy Boot Camp 2007 - Day 1

Here's the 2007 DBC Logo (and T-shirt design).
Same as last year's, but new pics!

(The verse is a paraphrase from Exodus 15.2; last year, we even put it to song, so Tori was excited to dust off the ol' DBC theme song and teach it to Timo who seems to have no recollection from '06)

For fun, here's the pics from '06:

Now a closer look at '07:


Today's sport was archery!! Tori has hounded me for months to let her get out her bow and arrow (we prefer adult supervision!) Today, she was so excited to hear it was going to be the first sport of DBC! She and Timo both got pretty close to bullseye!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

As Kelly leaves, our dear friend Greg Bailey arrives! I'm excited to have Greg here this week...he has come to Benin to visit the churches and encourage Aja Christians. Greg worked in Benin for almost 5 years. I know so many of the Aja believers are excited to see Greg and hear what the Lord wants to say to them through him. Read Greg's post about passing "through the wardrobe" (Narnia reference)!

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