Sunday, October 15, 2006

5 more baptisms + a Cowboy Victory!

Had 5 more baptisms today…yesterday’s group was all teenagers.  Today we had 1 man and 4 women (all in their 20’s or 30’s).  Certainly a bright future for the Kingdom here!

Pray for Ballovi (bal-o-vee)…a man in his 60’s who is a believer but very sick.  He told us today that he is being told by all his peer group that he’ll die unless he goes to the traditional healer.  He has thus far refused and wants to believe in prayer.

Got home about 3p and was supposed to have a 4p meeting, but he was a no-show.  Got some other work done in the mean time while Jonathan and Lael took a short afternoon nap.  Had a couple of our leaders come to greet me this afternoon.  They were having a leadership meeting down the road and several stopped by on their way there (I’m so thrilled that they are capable of having this leadership meeting without me!  They are growing all the time!)

Finally (ha) got the kids to bed so I could catch the second half of the Cowboy game vs. the Houston Texans (still want to say Oilers).  I didn’t have a very good dial-up connection but I did catch the game intermittently on Fox Sports GameTrax!  It’s fun to “watch” the game being played at Texas Stadium in Irving while sitting at my laptop in Benin, West Africa!  Noticed at the end of the Cowboy game (what a great 2nd Half!!), that the Saints were tied with the Eagles…then kicked a field goal to win!  Not a huge Saints fan, but hey, anyone who can drop those Eagles to 4-2 (when Dallas is now 3-2) is my favorite team (plus payback for the Eagles defeat of the Cowboys last week).  The Redskins lost (now 2-4) and the Falcons also lost, taking them to 3-2 as well.  We’re still early on, but things just got a little bit brighter for the Cowboys in the NFC.  But next week, on Monday Night, it’s the Cowboys (3-2) at home versus the NY Giants (3-2).  Oh, I wish I could be there for that!  

As a matter of fact, I’ll be somewhere flying over northern Africa about the time the game is on (en route to Texas!!)  Wonder if they’ll have Monday Night Football on Air France?  

Kelly returns to Benin on Saturday, and while I know she will have a hard time saying goodbye to family and friends (plus Tori and Timo for a few weeks as well), I’m ready to see her.  We’ll have a couple of days together before we swap and I head home.  

Pictures from ACU Homecoming Weekend are on their way….check soon.



Kendra said...

I love reading about your "football commentary", because you sound so much like my sweet husband - I think the 2 of you just need to designate a day together while you are home to JUST talk sports. I try to listen, I really do, and I'm even a little interested to be quite honest, but I think he would so LOVE to be able to hash and rehash all the what if's and the what to you think about it's with you. Looking so forward to you being here, Randy, for so many reasons! ha! Right now I can here your brother in the kitchen talking with the kids about how many days until Christmas . .another topic that I know you talk about in your home with the same enthusiasm as well! Very sweet. You guys are the best. See you soon, brother! Love you -

Donny said...

Enjoyed your color commentary on both the game and your leadership team there in Benin. Wonder if they have Sirius Sattelite radio on Air France... hmmmmmmmmm

Can't for you to be here ... 7 more days!!!

Valerie said...

I love reading your blog and always enjoy it! I've loved getting to spend time with Kelly and Tori and getting to know Timo! We had lots of fun today and perhaps in the next few weeks we'll run into each other too! (And it definitely was a good Cowboys day... making up for last week!)