Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tonight the kids and Brooks boys were having a blast riding 4 wheelers on the basketball court at my parents house. Timo is loving his turn at the wheel!
Payton and Timo are intense riders!

Payton and Timo have been together all day. Sometimes they are laughing and sometimes they are fighting. I kept hearing Payton say throughout the day, "Hey Timo, we're still best friends right?" Timo would say, "Yeah I think so!"

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Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I'm so proud of these kids! They are so cute! I love and miss so much seeing their faces...they obviously look happy!! I love it that Timo loves sportin' his Benin soccer uniform. So cute...Tori's probably having so much wearing long sleeve shirts (even though I think it's still in the 90s there, right?...guess it's that constant AC that she's not used to). Anyway, Daddy misses all 3 of you so much!