Sunday, October 15, 2006

The ACU Homecoming Parade!! Tori had the thrill of riding inthe car with my sister, along with Payton and Benjamin and one of this year's nominees. She loved it!

Randy, I thought you would enjoy this...
Royce Money, Beloved President of ACU!
Timothy was perfectly content watching the parade!
I love this little guy!
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Kendra said...

I sure love that little guy, too! He's a cutie, and I've enjoyed getting to know him better the past couple of weeks, and sure do look forward to more times together when Randy is here! I love all these pictures from Homecoming - I can just imagine what fun you guys had. I know the parade was the highlight of my boys life last year - they thought they must be the biggest stars in the world the way people were waving at them and so excited about the candy they got to chunk at everyone! ha!