Friday, October 06, 2006

Finally an update from Benin!

You're gonna think I'm crazy (I know my wife does!) For years, we have tried to find decent sliced bread here in Benin. Not easy. The ones we've found that are any good are not always found in the stores (one store might carry it from time to time, but you may wait for months before seeing it again...typical of anything good here). Now, geographically we're situated close to Nigeria, so we see alot of products from there for sale. A few months back, it was hard to pass up at least trying a new bread, "The Love Special" sliced bread!

I mean, could you pass up a loaf of bread with John 3.16 painted on its logo?!!

Seriously, I think it's really some of the best bread. Now of course my wife is home in Texas and just the other day bit into some of the hometown favorite, Fort Worth's very own Mrs. Baird's Bread...she says I'm crazy! So the battle is on......anyone know what "bromate free" is? Sounds important.

By the way, I was surprised to learn that Mrs. Baird's bakery is just a subsidary of...who? The name of the company is called Grupo Bimbo Bakeries. GRUPO BIMBO? Apparently one of the world's leading bakeries. Sounds like they should have asked me first about their company name. I could have given them my opinion.


Jonathan and Lael are doing great. Can't find my memory card adapter for my digital camera so I can't get any pictures of these 2. (But aren't you loving the pictures of Tori and Timo!!!!) J&L are so funny. Eat, play, sleep, eat, play, sleep...pretty routine. They are so fun, especially when we have breakfast together. They like bobbin' their heads to the praise music. They like to steal each other's sippy cups, too, and hit each other. In the bathtub, Jonathan likes to pour water on Lael's head. She doesn't care for it. One time yesterday, when Jonathan stood up, turned his naked body away from her, she slapped him right on his bottom. He started to cry. She turned and looked at me seeking to be exonerated of her crime. They are a hoot!


This week has been full of meetings...mainly here at the house since I've got the kids and no Momma around. But while they are sleeping or being entertained by Laurance, it's been non-stop with different leaders. Tomorrow is a big day. A group of churches in our alliance (outside the Aja speaking peoples) is having a special offering for the purchase of some land for their new building. We're taking a group from our churches over to encourage. I'm making a personal donation, as are 4 of the leaders, in addition to a pretty sizable donation from each of our 7 congregations. I've been asked to share a lesson. Even though it's hard to talk about, I felt early on that the subject should be money and generosity (always hard to preach about when you are by far the richest one in the group). But I feel a strong conviction and have been told endlessly by other mentors to not shy away. Plus, our brothers here seem to really appreciate it. Actually, I don't think they find it as hard to listen to the rich missionary talk to them about money as it is for me to talk to them about it. Just hard to call people to generosity when you know they have so little. But I guess generosity is not a matter of amount, but of the heart (that's what we learn from Jesus about the widow who gave her 2 coins)! I'm looking forward to tomorrow...spending the day with these brothers. It's about an hour's drive away, so we'll have some good conversations in the truck.


My sister-in-law lost her Dad in an accident just a few days ago. Please pray for Toni, Gary and their precious girls. The funeral is in Abilene on Saturday. I think Kelly and Kendra are getting to attend.




Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I am so glad you posted these thoughts! Honey I promise you that when you get here you will be able to FORGET about Love Bread!!!! There is no comparison to GRUPO BIMBO!! Seriously, everything I put in mouth tastes sooooo good!

I am so happy to hear about J and L. I miss them so much I can hardly stand it!!! They are so precious and I am so glad they have each other to play with right now. It is fun to see their personalities come out as they respond to each other! I love watching how they respond to praise music or any music that we turn on in our house...they just love it!!

I will be praying for you all day tomorrow as you are in Abomey. I know you have worked so hard preparing your lesson. I know the Lord will bless the words that come from your mouth and enter the hearts and minds of those in attendance.

I will call you tomorrow on our return trip.
We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch with all the cousins! I will post pictures later in the weekend.

I love you so much!!!!


Monica Head said...

Randy I have enjoyed time with you family this week. I love watching the cousins together. Your little Tori is such the leader of the pack!! Timo really enjoyed the horse today at the pumpkin patch. Colby and Tyler love having them around. As we got back to Kendra's house today Colby wanted to know where Tori had gone? I think he enjoyed his time with his cousin. Sure look forward to your half of the trip. Glad to know you guys are holding down the fort there. Sounds like your two are "bonding"? It also sounds like you need some good USA bread!! How about some Sonic?

Team Mexico said...

Hey, don't knock Bimbo! It's a Mexican company and definitely one of the biggest around here. Mexico is taking over the world little by little! : ) Randy, Summer and I will be in Texas on furlough during your half of the trip, so we look forward to seeing you. Kelly, I don't know when you leave exactly, but I hope we get to see you as well!
Keep up the great work and the amazing blog.
Sara Holland