Monday, October 02, 2006

Cousin Payton Brooks is so much fun! I absolutely love being around this little guy. He always has something fun to say. He is kind, polite, always volunteers first to pray when we are about to eat, he is tough, smart, brave, and knows how to make his Aunt Kelly feel like a million bucks!
We have already had the very special treat of being with Nana and Papa twice this weekend! Once at my parents house on Friday and then again on Sunday afternoon as they stopped in Baird to enjoy lunch with us on their way back to Littlefield! The wind is really blowing hard in this picture. It was great to hug Nana and Papa. We love them so much!
Timo is following my Dad everywhere. He has made it very clear that Paw is his choice for companionship!! This thrills my heart and my Dad's heart too!
My mom and I ran into Abilene on Saturday and were in Wal-mart. I was standing in the aisle with my basket and what a delightful surprise to look up and see Valerie ! (My cousin) We talked for awhile and made plans for her to come join us at the ranch on Sunday afternoon! God is so good! We had so much fun catching up and I was so blessed and encouraged to see and hear the wonderful things that God is doing in Valerie! I love you Valerie! Payton is in this picture with us!
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Donny said...

Great photos!! I was just looking at your blog, commenting on Randy's breakfast challenge question. When I refreshed, a new picture popped up - how fun!!

Love having you guys here too. You deserve a break and some relaxation with your family!!


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES! Keep 'em coming...if I can ever find the memory card, I'll post from this side of the ocean as well. I had a small picture moment yesterday, but didn't get the camera in time. BOTH Jonathan and Lael were in our shoes...Jonathan had put on my tennis shoes and Lael had put her feet in your flip-flops. They both looked up with picture perfect smiles...that lasted about 4 seconds! Oh well......