Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jamie Atchley is precious to me
My very best girlfriend, my sister Becky!
My sweet sweet sister in law Kendra who hosted this wonderful party for me. I love being her sister and her friend!
Laura Banks, my kindred spirit and hilarious friend who has been with me since high school days. We have always had so much fun together. I miss her so much!
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Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I'm so thankful for all these "girlfriends" in Kelly's life...PLUS, there are even others out there, too...all you ladies have such a profound impact on my wife! Each in your own way. She talks of you often. Certain days with certain experiences, struggles or joys will prompt conversations about different girlfriends. Some of these ladies were in our wedding and still remain close to Kelly...others are "newer" friends, even friends who have really poured themselves into Kelly AFTER we came to Benin (who don't care about the miles between us). And even several of these women have made the sacrifice and have blessed our family by coming to Benin (I count 6 from the group shot)...and I'm sure every one of them would come eventually if we were stay here 10 more years. I'm thankful for all of you (and others who are in that "best girlfriend" group who didn't attend). You are a blessing to my wife (who, by the way, looks stunning in all these pictures!!)
Husband, Randy