Thursday, October 05, 2006

This morning I called Randy and it was so great to hear his voice. We all miss him so much! As soon as Timo realized who I was talking to, he wanted to talk as well. Here he is listening to Randy and very excitedly telling him about the fun things that he has been doing!

Today my whole family gathered at the Cracker Barrel for lunch! This is one of our favorite places to eat and fun to shop around as well. They have a lot of their Christmas things out and Timothy especially was mesmorized by the trees and decorations, as well as the lit up Christmas village pieces and this carosel that the kids are all looking at in the picture below!

This looked like a great photo op...not everyone was in agreement.
Tori is holding Benjamin and Payton is in between Tori and Timo.

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Kristi said...

Hey, did you know that I work at that Cracker Barrel. This summer I got my first job there. Everytime I come home, I work. Right now I am a hostess, because I broke my hand. Next weekend (10-12) I work Thursday night, friday night, and sat. morning as hostess, because I have fall break from school. If yall are still in town, I want to come see you guys. Hopefully, bye!