Monday, October 09, 2006

Timothy was so fascinated with this horse and he appeared to have no fear of it! This was picture was taken after I had just watched Timo climb the fence and reach over to touch the horse. The horse quickly turned to Timo and he jumped down off of the fence, thus the gleam in Timo's eyes!Everyone enjoyed a snow-cone
Tori was having a great time entertaining Brady!
Brady is such a cutie and Aunt Kendra is a blast too.

Tori enjoyed doing a little time!
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Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Love Timo's confidence! I think he's such an amazing little much more confident than me! But I'm thankful for his courageous personality. I'm sure he'll be thrilled around Papa's horse, too. I'm so thankful for all the experiences our kids are having with their aunts and uncles! We've got a great family!