Monday, October 09, 2006

This is Timothy and Payton after class on Sunday night. Timothy attended his first Bible class and he loved it. After class, believe it or not, the fun continued! This is Benjamin in his new bicycle helmet. It is so big on his sweet head and you cannot help but smile at him when he is wearing it. Benjamin is 6 months older than my Jonathan. I miss Jonathan so much right now that I can hardly talk about it! This sweet little nephew of mine is filling a special place in my heart and arms right now...and I just melt when he calls me Aunt Keddy!

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Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

That Benjamin is so cute! Can't wait to be around him, too!! Jonathan is so much fun...and I'm having some fun time with Lael, too...the kind of time I normally don't get with them (feeding every meal, changing every diaper, bathing every bathtime, etc...ha!) But I look the attention I'm getting to give J&L. They are so routine so it makes things alot easier. But routine doesn't mean dull!! They are so much fun...either dancing together or hitting one another! They are so cute together....wish we had checked that other computer for the memory card before sending it home with you....oh well, I'm taking some pics anyway that you can post when you get here.

Don Box said...

Welcome to Texas Kelly! Great to see the Jeffrey clan in action. Don

Monica Head said...

Kelly I love knowing you are getting good sister time. Next to husband and kids there is NOTHING in the world like sister time. There are times my heart aches for you and Becky as you are so far apart and I know what kind of relationship you guys have. Now I find myself just as emotional knowing the wonderful times you guys are having together. Sister's are such a blessing. I know Aunt Keddy is enjoying being an Aunt also!