Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today has been an absolutely great day! The morning started off with Tori and I doing her schoolwork. Yes, even though we are here in America and filling each day with so many fun things, we are still in the midst of second grade! We started early and worked fast so we could start some shopping this morning.
Grandmother accompanied our shopping trip (!!!! This always makes shopping even more fun!!!!) You will notice by what Tori is wearing that some of our shopping took place at Cavender's Western Warehouse! This store makes cowgirls really happy!
We met up with Becky and the Brooks' boys along the way for lunch and then went home for a brief break before we headed to Chuck E Cheese for an early birthday party! Early, meaning that Tori's real birthday is November 5th. However, her mommy will be back in Benin by then and I want to be a part of the celebration!!! So, we had a party today and invited local cousins, a brother Timo, and 2 very special girlfriends, Maddie Christian and Jessica Mueller!
More fun and loud noise than we have experienced in a long time! There were games to play and some rides to ride. Timothy really had just as much of a blast asTori!
Before we left for the party, Tori and Timothy received a special care package in the mail from Daddy, Jonathan , and Lael! It was a cookie bouquet with a sweet card that said,
We 3 love you 3! They were so excited to receive this from Daddy.
We all miss our family being together so much!
Two weeks from today (Tuesday) , Randy will be arriving in DFW. That means that I (Kelly) will be back in Benin with Jonathan and Lael. I will be leaving DFW next Wednesday and spending time in Washington DC for 2 days with my brother Sam and his family, before returning to Benin.
We will be heading to Baird tomorrow as we begin to think about attending ACU Homecoming. This is my sister Becky's reunion year and she is a member of the Cominghome Queen's Court. There will be several activities that we get to participate in with her and we are really looking forward to it!
Tune in next week for more pictures! For now, enjoy these taken today!
Randy, these are especially for you!!!
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