Sunday, October 01, 2006

Breakfast anyone?

Thanks to the help of our friend, Laurance, who came to watch J&L, I got to share some worship and fellowship with some Christians in Ainahoue (yee-nah-way) this morning. It’s enjoyable to show up unannounced and not only get a generous welcome, but to find such good attendance (a small group is still coming from Djoumahoue, GB, and I heard today that in 3 weeks, the church at Ainahoue is going to walk to their village and have the first church service in Djoumahoue (joo-mah-hoo)…at the least the first one in a LONG, LONG time!) They also announced about a ½ dozen baptisms that will be in a couple of weeks (from either Ainahoue, Djoumahoue or Kpoba). Praise God!

Jonathan and Lael are doing great, although they both have runny noses. Other than that, they’re having fun together. It’s hysterical to watch these two together. Jonathan acts like the big bully and takes away anything Lael has in her hand. Lael either grunts back in frustration or slaps at him. Baby Boot Camp at its finest! Jonathan walks around the house when he gets up in the morning, obviously looking for Mommy, Tori and Timo. I know he misses them a lot…Lael and I do, too!

We had a fun afternoon together, eating an early dinner of corn and scrambled eggs (A Daddy Sunday Night Special). Plus banana/papaya smoothies for dessert! Then we played outside for a little bit. Jonathan got a big kick out of me lifting him up so he could slam dunk the small ball (of course we had lowered the basketball goal a long time ago for Tori and Timothy). Then Lael wanted her turn, but I stood there for a minute holding her above the rim but she wouldn’t let go of the ball. With that cute Lael grin, she just kept looking down at me like, “what’s all the fun?”

Once everyone was in bed (I admit to not wasting any time tonight), I ran to the computer to get dialed up so I could catch the Cowboy game. By the time I was able to get the game on my FoxSports GameTrax, it was already into the 3rd Quarter and it was already a big win for the ‘Boys! (Final 45-14!!) Saw TO was in the line-up (hadn’t heard)…don’t understand why we hold on to him. Perhaps my brother can fill me in. Seems like a loser to me. Too much baggage for a team that may be headed somewhere this year! Even when you click on the link above, it's TO's picture with Bledsoe, even though it was Terry Glenn who scored 2 touchdowns (none for TO). At least in the media, TO steals the show, but not with any performance ON the field, it's the scandals/hassles OFF the field. Is that what we want when they are recapping a great Super Bowl year for the Dallas it going to be all about Terrell Owens? Julius Jones had another great 100+ yard game, too!

Kelly called yesterday and reported everyone was doing well in Texas…hopefully she’ll get to blog with some photos next week. She said walking into Super Wal-Mart was overwhelming…kept gawking at the choices of salads-in-a-bag! When you live life on this side where most every meal is made from scratch (unless of course some dear friends and family have mailed you convenience foods from home)…well, the familiar “just add water” tag line so often found on the full-meal-in-a-box in stores all over America can almost bring tears to your eyes! (

OK, here’s a silly question to see if we might shamelessly generate a few more comments:

If you had to choose tonight what you would have for breakfast, every day from here on out, the same thing day after day, what would it be (starting tomorrow, it’s what you’ll eat for breakfast every day for the rest of your life)? You don’t have to worry about cost (perhaps your thinking of some gourmet pancakes you had at the Four Seasons Resort), preparation (let’s say the world’s premier chef will make it for you), nor even think about its nutritional value (I’m sure there are a few of you protein bar junkies who cringe at that idea!) For some it’ll be one item, for some it’ll be a full breakfast spread. I’ll wait and see a few comments before I reveal my choice(s). Anyone want to go first?

- Randy


Sarah said...

Okay, now that is a funny question, but you got me!! I can't resist. Because, sadly, I'm already eating the same breakfast every day and probably will for the rest of my life. I'm assuming that even though I have this gourmet chef to prepare my morning meal at my whim, calories/fat-be-darned, I still lead the life I lead. So, low-fat peanut butter on wheat bread is THE BEST. I know, you people are weeping at my limited view of the world. But it fills me up, I can eat it on the run, and I'm not starving OR feeling full/ill 2 hours later. If the chef would just spread the peanut butter and hand it to me on the way out the door that would be awesome -- I may even eat a banana with it, then!

Murray & Jaime said...

Wow...that is pretty lame, Sarah! I don't know you but I feel sorry that your ideal breakfast choice has the word "low-fat" in it!!

My choices would be pigs in a blanket (sausage links wrapped in Pilsbury buttermilk biscuits)and a Belgian waffle with lots of butter and warm maple syrup!!

Yummy!! I'm already hoping to see my new chef downstairs in the morning....

Kendra said...

Yes, obviously sweet Sarah is not the true breakfast girl that I am . . not that I wouldn't love pb on toast as well . . .but it would have to be buttermilk pancakes, and a big fluffy omlet filled with onions, peppers, cheese, tomatoes and some nice crispy bacon to go with it . . oh yea - don't forget the big mug of creamy sugared up coffee to go with it. Yum. Thanks for getting my tasts buds going, and thanks again for sacrificing by sending half of your family across the world to be with us! Love you -

R Debenport said...

I would have to say a big blueberry muffin with a very cold glass of milk. What can I say . . . I'm not a big breakfast person but I do love blueberry muffins. And we do happen to have some of that "just add water" mix sent from the States so I'm rationing out our last few packets to last through our final two months here!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Well it takes FOOD to get us talking doesn't it?!! Great comments so far...anyone hungry, yet?! Wow, good suggestions (I think there's gonna be a revolt against Sarah and her low-fat thing, but everyone else, let's be patient with those types!

I didn't specify, but you could also GO to a restaurant and have this ideal breakfast if you choose...maybe you love the chocolate pancake with a whip cream smiley face on it at IHOP.

I'll hold out a little longer...when the comments get to 7, I'll chime in. This is on my mind, because with little ones (under 2 but no longer eating baby food), and without access to much variety in the breakfast ailes at the local Benin supermarkets, I struggle with what to feed these 2 EVERY morning. I know they're not concerned with the variety. But since I'm not gonna whip up a whole batch of pancakes for just us 3 (plus, while the rest of the family's out, I'm cutting out bread altogether), it's just some of the same things over and over. Of course, as long as they're fed, they're happy. But as a creative chef, this routine of bananas, eggs, toast and yogurt seems like it's gonna get old. What do you feed your kids every morning?


Brooks Inc. said...

My standard b-fast fare is whole grain cheerios with a bannana. I think I will be content to eat this for the duration of my life...but if money were no object...I would have a venti nonfat, no water chai latte and a reduced fat chocolate bannana cake every morning...and in the summer I would switch my drink to a caramel frap.

Jamie loves to make fun that my wild splurge involves anything low fat...but if you guys tasted that cake...You would feel differently.

Love you Randy-


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Not sure I'm gonna drink anything that doesn't pass my Word spellcheck. Been away too long, I guess, 'cause I don't even know what you are drinking. I'm sure that cake of yours can't beat a couple of butter cups! (no, that's NOT my breakfast-for-life!)

Just talked to Kelly on the phone and it sounds like everyone is having a blast!


Greg Bailey said...

PTL for the Djoumahou folks!! May they continue on in faith! Pass on my greetings to all of those folks down there. Especially encourage the Djoumahou people for me. Who is coming? Is Gildas among the young guys. I watched a video of his baptism a few days ago. He has grown so much. How about Mawuna's mom? She came to the big meeting that we had when we were there. I am soooooo thrilled about their renewed efforts!

As far as breakfast is concerned, give me a bowl of cearal with fat free milk! Honest! That is what I like the best.

Please have Kelly call my cell phone or our house phone when it is convenient for her. We really want to try to see them while they are here.

Persevere my brother. You are a great Dad and a great missionary. It is not good for you to be alone, but I know that God will bring your helpmate back to you soon! You two are really a great team! Mawu a yra mi!

Donny said...

Here's my ultimate breakfast that will occur every day for the rest of my life:

IHOP Colorado omelet (it's the meat lovers kind that's a great Atkins except for all the grease!) with a side of Sonic breakfast toaster sandwiches and tator tots. While I wait on my Route 44 Sonic Diet Coke with Vanilla, I would drink a tall glass of extremely cold chocolate milk, made with skim milk and real syrup, no powder! And if I was still hungry, I'd have one of those buttermilk donuts that are the cake kind with the raised ridges on them soaked in icing (bad description but I think you know).

Now that I've got my breakfast in me (whew - I'm full!!), I think I'll go to Kohl's and see if they have a larger set of clothes to wear in my casket as I'll die from a heart attack later that day anyway!! HA

Sorry - baa baa!! Please, share with us ol' wise one from the east! What is your ideal breakfast?

Love ya brother!!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

My favorite breakfast is any thing that YOU are cooking! One of my favorite things about our somewhat daily routine is that you love to fix breakfast with the help of chefs Tori and Timo...and that sometimes you let me sleep a little later while you guys are busy in the kitchen...that makes everything taste sweet! I love you and can't wait to hear your voice again soon! Hope you enjoy the pictures. I miss you like crazy!
Love you with all my heart!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I'll spare you the long list. Honestly, this is very simple. I tried to think of the perfect multi-item feast, but I ended up with a table too large for our house (pancakes, biscuits, waffles, breakfast casserole, blueberry muffins, etc...) so I'm going with the one thing that I could literally eat every single morning...and I try to make them with just about any of the above other menu items. If I had to choose one thing that I could eat for breakfast every day from here on out...drum roll please...YAWN!!!:

scrambled eggs with cheese

Wow, pretty original, huh? Now, my Dad taught me the best eggs start with a fair amount of butter in the pan. Obviously, the more the better (This probably ruins any nutritional plus for my choice). Then you slow cook 'em. Don't overcook or they'll dry up fast. Stir constantly. And in my opinion, if I'm making 'em (sorry Kendra), but they gotta be quite a bit "wet" when I take 'em off the fluffy dry eggs...I like runny. I even like to add milk or cream to the mixture before cooking. As far as the cheese, I could go for an assortment of different it with good ol' cheddar or even monterey jack (which we can't get over here). But I also have found, so this is my choice for the moment, that an ounce of CREAM CHEESE makes for great tasting eggs! It melts in all throughout the eggs (unlike cheddar). To me, this is the way to go! I could eat these with anything, and every morning.

OK, so there you have it. Sorry about sounding like the Food Network.